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Thanks for the response.

I had MRI's done of the cervical and lumbar spine.

Before I quote the MRI reports; let me just fill you in on the fact that I've been thru spine surgery before.

In the cervical area I had surgery for stenosis then another surgery for "kyphosis" which was a 2 part surgery for a total of 12 hours. Posteriorly they put Harrington Rods in from C3 to about T4 level and then in the anterior positioin a bone graft. Can't remember which levels but I think it is about C3 to C5/6 levels or so.

Then on the lumbar region had surgery for herniated discs then surgery for "flatback syndrome" where Harrington Rods were done from L2 to the iliac crest.

Here are the findings on the MRI reports:



----- Postop fusion from L2-S1. Susceptibility artifact from fusion hardware renders the study non-diagnostic.



----- C3/4 No cord impingement/ There is mild bilateral neural foramina stenosis
----- C4/5 Minor left paracentral disc spur complex. there is no cord impingement. There is no neural foramina stenosis
----- C5/6 Mild endplate spurring. No cord impingement. No neural foramina stenosis;
----- C6/7 Mild disc bulge and endplate spurring. There is no cord impingement. no neural foramina stenosis;
----- C7/T1 Mild disc bulge and endplate spurring. no cord impingement. no neural foramina stenosis


----- Postoperative changes as detailed above; no cord compression; no centreal cana or foraminal stenosis
----- Suspect cord myelomalacia at the C4/5 and C6/7 levels with focal cord atrophy C6/7

The surgeon that I had been seeing is a neurosurgeon. He showed me the MRI film and you could see narrowing on the canal at C6/7.

He was real worried about the findings in the EMG and the MRI.

He was afraid to touch me surgically. He felt in order to get to the affected area it MAY require going in thru the sternum area. He also stated that doing surgery on me would be a "surgeons nightmare."

He also indicated he felt surgery on my was risky for the following reasons:

1. I am diabetic; &
2. I have kidney disease. I was born with 1 kidney; and the kidney I have is only functioning at 30%.

So where do I go from here?

Suggestions? Comments?

Thanks for listening.


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