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The concern with the Cervical MRI is that there is cord atrophy and narrowing on the spinal cord at C6/7. that is the big issue.

I get radiating pain in both shoulders mostly the left though. And upon examination the doctor who I have been seeing for 6 years or so has noticed diminished neurologically for me. And holding things my arms get weak as anything.

As to the lumbar while the recent MRI didnt show anything cause of the rods prior MRI's showed stenosis at the level above where the rod starts.

I have severe numbness in my left leg from the knee down. Trouble sitting for long times; trouble walking distances; at times it feels like I am walking on stones probably cause of the diabetes.

I get a crushing feeling in the spine sometimes the entire spine.

It's an ongoing situation. the surgeon was real worried about the MRI.

As to the surgery he felt with all that had been done the only way to even get to the area in the neck may be thru the sternum

Im trying to get a 2d opinion. See what happens But its not good day to day.

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