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I, at least, can't say much more w/o a radiologist's report. For a doc to use the word "obliteration" w/r/t anything to do with your spine, and then terminate the conversation, is inexcusable. If he's really that bad, you need to find a replacement.

OK, so your cord is compressed, at least at the C5-6 level. That could cause a whole host of symptoms from your arms on down. Still, you need the exact wording of what the radiologist said.

As for the obliteration, that can't be referring to your cord, or you'd be paraplegic, if not dead, so he must be referring to your foraminal opening, which is being impinged by a badly (my guess as to the severity) herniated disk. (The foramen is a hole in the side of the bony cage that surrounds your spinal canal. At each level a nerve passes out of the spinal cord to the left and right. The C5 heads into your shoulder and then all the way down to your hand) The impingement would probably be on one side only, and most likely on the left. I don't know how much function you would lose if the C5 nerve was completely blocked, because C5-C8 nerves go into something called the brachial plexus in the arm where the nerves come together and then part again. I do know that when I had a problem with my C5 being blocked that I lost most of the strength in my biceps and deltoid. Try "making a muscle" with your right biceps, then try the left. Is the result significantly different? Try lifting something using your right shoulder (not arm), and then try the left. Difference?

The radiologist's report... you paid for it and you own it. They have to give it to you. While you're at it, get the result of the MRI on a CD (you get a paper copy of the radiologist's report). You can then take the CD for second opinions. These guys all have the software that reads the CD's. The ordering doc's office can tell you where to go. Go there in person and they'll hand you everything (for a small fee).

As for MS and rheumatology, maybe there are others here who can comment, or maybe other boards can be of help.

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