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Re: Lordosis, C5...
Sep 16, 2011
It was a theoretical summary. Ouch... That is not good at all.

Ahhh, I get you know. I try to put my head on my chin, but I never wake up like that :( Though I rarely sleep for more than 3-4hrs per 9hrs I am in bed. My neck muscles are stiff as well and want me to stretch them out to, but it hurts like hell when I do that. I just want it sorted. It is doing my head in. That is true, I know someone whose father was walking around for 20yrs with a broken neck. His was caught on an MRI. He was an airline pilot.

I do indeed hold my head forward and downward and when I do try to straighten up it cracks extremely loudly and hurts even more! :(

My dad had arthritis at the top and base of his spine. Back in 94 his specialist went through the front of his body, moved his voice box over and replaced his C3, C4, C5, C6 with artificial disc's. IF it was not for his 6in scar by the bottom of the front of his neck, you would never of known. Then in 96 he had to see a different specialist (his original specialist had gone private so his number 2 took over his clinic etc) as an urgent case. He ended up being flow 35miles away strapped to a bed and went under the knife the next day. They went through the back and fused him. His L4 & L5 had completely gone, his L3 & L6 (yes, he is one of those rare one's that has an L6) were tided up, the muscles and nerves had to have hours of micro-surgery on them (he was in theatre for over 9hours) to repair them. When he came round, he was told by the specialist he was within a day of being paralysed from the waist down for life.

I will try to hang on in there Jenny. I really will. I have to for my kids sakes (my son is 8 and my daughter is 6, nearly 7 - they both live with the ex).

Take care.

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