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You said your neurosurgeon believes your surgery went wrong. Didn't you mean the neurologist believes that? Getting the surgeon to admit that he screwed up might be a little harder than that.

It really does sound like a bad surgery, in my very amateur opinion. Doesn't happen very often with ACDF's, but it does happen. I don't know what's in the "normal" range of complications with ACDF's, but I do know that I had none at all after mine.

Since both your arms and legs are affected, if definitely would seem to be a cord problem, and NOT radiculopathy.

You didn't say anything about any imaging done after the surgery, not even an X-ray. Seems like a serious surgical screwup might show on an X-ray, although an MRI would be better.

I hope your neurosurgeon does the right thing and does an honest re-evaluation, rather than covering up. Please keep us posted in detail, as there are lots of people here looking into ACDF's, and they need to hear what might go wrong and how to prevent it.

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