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should i have this surgery? I am scared.
Hi, I know this feeling well. All to well and, I am at these crossroads myself. I am scared silly. I would say, you need to way out the pros and cons of having this done. I am in my early 50's and, no way ready to retire. I have been pondering with this now, for a few months. Not an easy decision, at least it has not been for me! I know what I have learned here sometimes, does not make it any easier. I wish you the best in your decision and hope that some senior members, chime in on this!
Everyone is different so i can't say if the surgery is something you should have or not. What I can tell you is that I am a 40y/o professional fireman that had a c5-6 ACDF w/ hardware in 03/2010. I was back on the job about 07/2011. I suffered from an on the job injury for nearly 5 months before the surgery and pt, meds, rest, etc. just didn't fix it. Wish I had done the surgery sooner. I've had dozens of really good fires since where I've done some really heavy work and feel stronger than ever. Good luck with whatever route you take... just know that there are success stories out there.
I am 55 and facing this same surgery probably in march. I have had pt,acupuncture,epidural (didn't do any good). It's all structural so I feel like nerve blocks etc are just bandaids. I know at my age along with shoulder problems I will probably be disabled the rest of my life but going to try to be optimistic(which I usually am not) I am still young to have all these problems but have taught swim lessons for 8 years and think I just played too hard. So let's go at it with a good attitude. We have alot of support in this board. I wish you luck. If you have faith in your neurosurgeon you should be fine.
You ask if you should have this surgery, but give no specifics about what led to the decision.... if you've already decided on it, though, I'd say that it's pretty routine, and you should come out better off, or at least avoid becoming worse off.
I am 59 and also facing this surgery, I had a cervical discectomy and fushion in c4-c7 with hardware in 2002 and it has returned only worse, this time I also have problems in the lumbar spine L4-S1 ,I was afraid the first time and equally as afraid this time ,but now I have the numbness in my legs and pins and needles all over my body and its driving me nuts not to mention the pain, I'am still hoping I can do something other than surgery for the lower back since there is no spinal cord there , I hope all goes well ,I would like to hear more about your diagnosis ,maybe you can exchange information ,hope all goes well and Happy New Year
ihaveaquestion123 - I wish you luck in your decision as I am going through the same fear and questioning what is best for me as I am also facing surgery in the near future for a cervical fusion. Since I am so new at this all I just want to add as others have said is that everyone is different and that we all heal differently. I have decided that the best approach is to do what you are doing now and to educate yourself as much as possible and then the next step is to listen to your surgeon and follow instructions by the book. Last I have decided to find out what I can do for myself after surgery for exercises to keep myself in shape and to avoid further problems with my spine in the future. I wish you the best in your decision making and hope all goes well for you. Take care.
Jas1964- welcome to these boards. It's been a Lil while since I have had much to say. Just brooding over all I had taken in! Just today your post enlightened me to do something that, I had not given any thought to. Which is kinda funny only because, I feel I never miss to much when it comes to my health. I just had my ACDF C5-C6 on Dec 7, 2011. I have been following the Docs orders but, it never crossed mind to look into further prevention. I'm sure I have almost any literature thats has been written, when it comes to stretching the back & neck! I am also sure that, there has to be more out there on keeping my spine healthier! I will give one word of advice, if thats the way you want to look at it. Don't contemplate too long over having it done. I should have had it done in June of 2011 but, backed out. I am just thinking about, how much further I could be along at this time!(sigh)I have already missed a year of work and, I am a young 51 to miss anymore. Hopeful to be back to work by late summer. Best to you in your thoughts and, decisions. God Bless
Itralian1 - My injury occurred October 30th so not that long ago but everyday since has been hell. I have read many posts that people have waited a very long time before they have surgery. I understand that surgery is the LAST resort and this is probably why people wait. If after my next opinions the NS all agree I plan on hopefully having my C5-C6 fusion within a month or so because I want to be ready to go for the summer as I don't want to miss out on enjoying the weather and being cooped up. At first all I heard was horror stories on surgery. I have one friend who had the same surgery and it has been a nightmare for her since, once friend who has had the surgery and occasionally has some set backs but for the most part doing well and then one friend who has had success all the way. So EVERYONE is totally different and yep the surgeon also makes the difference as well. I have found these messages and this board an awesome place as back pain is an individuals perspective and no one can understand unless they have been through it. With all this said I really do thank everyone for all their personally experiences because it does help me walk through my decisions. I hope you are doing well and that you bounce back quickly.
Hello again! I hope you are in a better position, to have something done sooner than I was. I was injured on the job, had to fight to get my disability! Which took 23 months! Yes, I had workers comp. but, if you know of anyone that has lived through this experience. You are most likely aware of what an uphill battle it was. I lost my job, as well as all the benifits that I worked for. I worked for the same co. for 20 yrs. What a real kick in the A-- that was. I hope for your peace of mind that, you have reputable surgeons out west that specialize in this particular area. I felt very fortunate to have a Surgeon w/alot of experience and, time under his belt. I am on my way and the journey feels as though it's gonna be a slow one. Just happy I decided to do it now. I am a sun-bum and can't imagine being couped up in the summer. (I need my vitamin C) Don't contemplate to long my friend and, best to you in your search for surgeons. Just one more thing you should be aware of, if you are not already.There is artificicial disc available out there. Don't take anyones word (that this is the way to go) It could very well be a possibility but, not necessarily your best course of action! I wish you well! Keep in touch If it gives you peace of mind. Most of us here have plenty of time!

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