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Hello All, I am new here. I had a Thoracic injury several years back. Due to the severity of the injury they referred me to the local University as no Ortho doctor would touch it. This was after 80+ rounds of PT, seeing multiple Ortho Docs, etc.
My question is this: I have developed severe pain in both of my legs, more in my right than left. I take 50mg Kadian twice daily, Tramadol 4-6 times a day for BT, Naproxan, etc. I have had weakness in both legs but that weakness has now turned into pain, very severe at times. Also have bladder problems. Of course, I also have the severe Mid to lower back pain that radiates into my ribs. I have grown to deal with that. Surgeon has wanted me in the OR for the last 2 years but due to the complications, I am holding off as long as possible. The Pain Mgmt. doctor says he has a problem correlating the pain in my legs to my Thoracic Spine. He said if it was a Lumbar injury he could see it. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Everywhere I look supports I am not crazy. I would appreciate any input.

Here are my last MRI Results: (The worse of it is at the end)
T1-T2: Small right paracentral disc protrusion is noted with mild sac narrowing.
T3-T4: Small right paracentral disc protrusion is noted with mild sac compression.
T4-T5: Left paracentral disc protrusion is noted with mild sac compression.
T5-T6: Small right paracentral disc protrusion is noted with mild flattening of the ventral cord.
T6-T7: Right paracentral disc protrusion is noted with superior migration causing mild flattening of the ventral cord.
T7-T8: Broad disc osteophyte complex is noted with mild flattening of the cord.
T9-T10: Left paracentral disc buldge is noted with mild sac compression.
T10-T-11: Moderate Canal Stenosis is noted secondary to disc oteophtye complex and hypertrophled facet joint. Mild cord compression is noted. Bilateral foramina are unremarkable.
T11-T12: Left Paracentral and left foraminal disc oteophyte complex is noted with severe canal stenosis and cord compression. Bilateral facet arthropathy is noted. Severe foraminal narrowing is noted on the left and moderate on the right.

Questionable increased T2 signal is noted within the cord at the level of T11-T12.

Pre- and paravertebral soft tissues are unremarkable.

Impression: Degenerative changes of the Thoracic Spine, the most significant level is at T11-T12 where there is severe canal stenosis/cord compression and severe foraminal narrowing. Suggestion of subtle increased T2 signal within the cord at this level.
Is T12-S1 OK? Of course that's the additional one that's most likely to be out. Any idea how T11-12 got so bad? Some kind of trauma?

Your T11-12 disk, which is so far out of whack, will press on the T11 nerve root, which has nothing to do with the legs.

However, if you have severe cord flattening, I don't see why anything below that level is not susceptible. I have cervical cord damage, and as many symptoms in my legs as in my arms. Maybe something to clear up with the docs.

Also, your moderate bilateral lumbar foraminal stenosis is not as good as it sounds, as "moderate" is only one step below "severe".

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