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Thanks, WebDozer :)

I don't yet have the MRI report, I had it done just this Thursday morning and they said it would take 2-4 working days to have the report ready. I did obtain a copy of the images, and took them to my doctor's appointment that afternoon and it was then that my doctor told me right away she could see at least 3 ruptured discs. I don't know which vertebrae are affected, how severe it is, or what else it could show, but as soon as I know I will post.
My doctor also ordered a scoliosis series of x-rays because I was diagnosed with a mild curvature when I was 13, and it doesn't seem to have progressed but it's still evident. At the time she ordered the tests I thought maybe this had something to do with my problems because they've always only affected the left side of my body.

The initial trauma could have been any number of things because I've always been very athletically active, and just as accident prone, and there's no telling how long I've had this because this is the first time since the problems began to get out of control 3 years ago that I've had an MRI done of my c-spine. So here goes...
*In 2003 I was tackled from behind in a football game, and tumbled for about 7 yards and I ended up in the hospital with bruised kidneys. I didn't notice any back or neck problems, but this was the same year I began getting migraines.
*In 2005 I was playing soccer and my feet got swept out from under me and the first parts of me to hit the ground were my head, neck and shoulders. I lost consciousness for a short amount of time and ended up spending the night in the hospital with a concussion. They did x-rays but found no other apparent trauma.
*In 2007 I was going to school for dance, and during a routine floor exercise, I dislocated my left shoulder. Months later I was still having moderate to severe shoulder pain, and an arthrogram MRI showed an impingement and the orthopedist determined that the joint was very unstable, and the wear and tear looked like that of a 60 year old and I would require surgery to tighten up the ligaments. I opted to strengthen the joint with physical therapy instead and have not since followed up, since it's no longer my chief complaint.
*In 2008 I went snowboarding and broke my tailbone, and in the same year, also while snowboarding, a man twice my size speeding out of control crashed into me as I was standing still, and sent me tumbling down the slope. I didn't sustain any serious injuries, I only noticed a few bruises on my knees.
*Shortly after that, I became pregnant, and aside from some mild sciatic pain, this is the last time I can remember being pain free. This is also the longest I've ever gone without having a migraine since I was first diagnosed in 2003.
In December of 2008, my daughter was born, and while I was breast feeding, I began to notice numbness, tingling and soreness in my upper back just to the left of my spine radiating out to my shoulder, neck and base of my skull. I figured it was just from my slouched posture while breastfeeding. The soreness never went away, and the numbness and tingling soon started to affect my left hand, and I began to feel what I can only describe as nerve pain in a small spot in my upper back just to the left of my spine. It was sharp, shooting pain, and at times it felt like I was being poked with burning hot needles, and other times felt like ice cold water dripping on my back, but more than anything it was always just so painful. It still hurts on a daily basis and since then has gotten progressively worse, especially with the migraines that have increased in frequency and severity since my back, neck, and shoulder pain started. Because of this I wonder if these headaches have anything to do with the ruptured dics.

For 3 years now I've been bounced around to several doctors, and the sad thing is that because of my age and level of activity, most doctors wouldn't take a closer look at me, because it's just not common for someone my age to have such constant and severe pain, I was constantly written off as a drug seeker. And although I've asked several doctors if an MRI might be able to tell us what's causing these problems, I was often told it would just be a waste of time and money, because there was nothing physically wrong with me, that this was all in my head, just a physical manifestation of my anxiety problems, and I just needed to find a more effective way of dealing with my stress, but I knew it was the pain causing my stress and anxiety, not the other way around.
It's still so surreal to me to finally have a doctor listen to me and to finally have a ligitimate diagnosis and concrete evidence that I was right all along. I feel vindicated! It's great to finally know what's causing this so I can begin to take steps to correct it.
I wish I had found these message boards sooner, it's been great these past couple days getting feedback from people who have been where I am now and can help me navigate through the tough road ahead. For the first time in a long time, I have hope that I will finally be able to come out of this and feel good again, and I don't feel alone anymore.

Thanks again for your input and support! :)

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