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I,ve posted previously, but have now obtained the actual MRI reports from my gp. Some was explained to me at the time, but a lot of this is greek to me.
Nuerosurgeons reading:
straightening of the cervical lordotic curve. There is some inpingement on the thecal sac between c4, 5 & 6. Congenital fusion of 5-7. Nueral foramina with some narrowing on right side at 6-7.
she has significant across both trapezius muscles into the erector spinae muscles of the back of the neck. (significant what????). They are tender. Roates neck less than 1 degreewith restriction secondary to pain.
reflexes are 2/5.
She does have quite a bit of spasm in the neck and straightening of the cervical curve which is probably secondary to congenital fusion. I have recommended over the door traction, switching from flexeril to soma. Suggest her primary care doctor have her see a physiatrist.
During the exam he showed to me to be alarmed by the frozen muscle spasms & showed me a pic of my MRI and pointed out where the curvature was non-exsisent as my c-spine goes straight up & down. He also showed me where my spinal sac is severly narrowed to the point of being almost non-exsistent in places. My gp's nurse read the report to me & she read psychiatrist where it reads physiasist. Therefore all my begging to see pain management has gone on deaf ears.
Spine clinics readings:
Old fusion of c5-c6. This is a congenital deformity. There is a loss of cervical lordosis, 3mm anterolisthesis, c2 onto c3; however, at c5-c6, there is an ostophyte complex causing mild effacement of the ventral thecal sac, left more than right, at nueral foramen.
Impression: moderate cervical spondylosis with up to severe c3-4 nueral foramina narrowing, partial fusion of c6-c7. The patient will go ahead & have an interlaminar epidural steroid injection.
I was told this:
I have a congenital fusion, a herniated disc above said fusion, bone spurs putting pressure on nerves. They told me that my x-ray results showed moderate to severe stenosis. Still waiting for my gp to release my x-ray report. Also waiting for 2 spine surgeons to realease their reports. So far they are ignoring the requests of them from my gp.
My syptoms are in my other posts. However I'm at my witts end & and so ready to throw the towel in as my quality of life has slipped into that of a disabled person. My girls have to help me shower, dress, cut my meat, sometimes help me drink as the left side of my face is numb now almost 24/7 & with more use of hans & arms I spill it down my front if I attempt it alone.
All of you "seasoned amateurs" out there - please, please help. Any observations, suggestions or thoughts are greatly appreciated & welcome. I'm hoping some out there can read greek!:confused:
X-ray finding as well now:
Cervicothoracic scoliosis major convexity left apex C6 measuring 15 degrees. Prominent facet arthropathy C3-4,C4-5,C5-6,C6-7. Anterior sublexation C4-5, 5mm. Disc space narrowing C5-6. Congenital efussion C6-7. Findings resuly in spinal and foraminal stenosis escpecially at C4-5,C5-6 bilaterally.

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