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Here is my MRI results:

At T6-7 moderate sized left paracentral disc herniation which moderately idenents the left ventral hemicord causing mile to moderate focal cord compression but without significant central spinal canal stenosis. There is no abnormal sinal with cord

At T7-8 a small left paracentral disc herniation contacting and only slightly impinging the left ventral cord without central spinal canal stenosis.

This started about 12 months ago. I started to have burning pain right in the middle of my chest ranging from my sternum to the middle of my nipples when I drank water. It started to get worse asa couple of months past where I was just constant Over the last 9 months I went for every GI test (24 ph test, Endoscope, Manometry), blood test, vitamin tests, allergy tests, heart work up in the book and while I have minimal reflux it would not cause this constant burning. I am on PPIís anyway. The only thing that helped the burning was rubbing my chest or a hot bath but as soon as I stopped rubbing it or got out of bath burning came back.
Then about 3 months ago the burning pain began in my back as well, but just so slightly. I began between my shoulder blades and could radiate to the back base of my neck where it connects to my back and also at times to my triceps. I donít have any weakness, difficulty breathing, or pins and needles. As weeks went by it got gradually worse. So now I had both chest and back burning.

We thought it was hypersensitivity in my esophagus. There are people out there that can become sensitive to changes in PH or pressure in there esophagus. So I tried a few different SSRIís as they seem to help this condition. Lexapro seems to make the burning in my chest go away but the burning in my back got worse.

I went for MRIís in my cervical, thoracic, and lumbar back and got an EMG. The lumbar and cervical was pretty much normal and the EMG. The thoracic was abnormal. I am going for e EPI to see if it helps with the pain. Since its in the T6-7 area the pain management doctor doing the EPI says that the pain is not coming from there as its too low for the pain to radiate that high on my back based off the ASIA Pain sensory point chart.. My neurologist says itís possible it could radiate and wants me to get shot.

When the burning was in my chest I could at least rub a biofreeze type cream on it which would help block the burning feeling but now that itís on my back I canít relieve it as my back feels so sensitive like its sunburned, so putting any cream, ice or heat only makes it feel worse. If I sit down too long it burns more. The only thing the helps are going for walks. I can sleep at night but as soon as I wake up my back is burning. I sleep on my back and I tried to sleep on my side but burning is either the same or worse.

Can anyone with this type of herniation confirm if they experienced this type of burning pain in the area is described? I am at a loss if this shot doesnít work. My fear is that my back could still be causing it but not sure what else to do. It seems like too much of a coincidence but the weird thing is the pain didnít start in my back, it started it my chest then moved to my back.
Well I had an MRI of my Cervical spine in June a full month before I started having buring in my back.

MRI showed :

Mild reversal of the normal cervical lordosis centered at C5-6. Marrow signal normal or without fracture or lesion. Spincord normal in signal and caliber. Visualized posterior fossa is unremarkable.

At C5-6 there is a broad-based paracentral disk herniation and uncovertebral arthroapthy resulting in mild bilateral foraminal narrowing without central stenosis.

My chiro told me its nothing to be concerned about. Its happends with age. My neck is starting to move foward like a turle. I am trying to keep better posture as I am on the computer most of the day.

I was thinking about getting another MRI of my neck but I havent had anything to speak of in the way of falls or injury.

C5-C6 on the dematome chart does line up with the areas that are burning. Thing is, the only thing that helps is walking. Siting, lying down cause itto burn more like a thoracic spine problem. I am going out of my mind.

And burning means its a nerve problem yet theres no nerve damage so logically I was figuring the only sign of anything related to nerve is the pinched nerve in T6-8.

what else can I do?

I dont want to go on narcodics.
Burning is not necessarily a sign of a nerve problem. Anything that irritates a nerve can do it too.

I hesitate to say anything but since I care about everyone here, I'll pass this along. What you described...the constant burning pain that is only relieved by walking, is exactly what my brother had and it turned out to be early angina. His tests kept coming back normal for quite a while and his doc said it was very abnormal to have it so constant and only relieved by walking but that was what it was. I was taken aback at your description.

I'd keep insisting on the docs trying to figure out what is wrong. There are way too many things in the middle of the chest that we need for life, to dismiss it as your back. But that is what docs do when they don't know...blame it on something else or blame is on the patient. All it really means is that they haven't found the problem.....yet. Sooner or later you will find out and the tests will show may not show enough blockage of an artery yet or some other problem

I know you had heart tests but did you see a cardiologist? Did they do a nuclear stress test or angiogram of your heart? Has anyone given you nitroglycerine to see if it makes it stop? That is how they diagnosed it with my brother.

I had a good friend who had constant thoracic back pain and the docs had him doing PT and then he had a heart attack....all back pain. If it's your back, it can wait but you HAVE to make sure it's not your heart first and foremost whether the pain be in the front or the back.

That relieves me to know you've had a bunch of stuff done and are on top of the situation. We get people here who are in obvious distress who won't get tests and we wonder when they don't come back if they are still alive....thank you for taking good care of you.

Since my brother no longer lives close by, all I can tell you is that he had the constant burning that went from his chest to his back and was the only thing that helped was walking around and they eventually gave him nitroglycerine to see if it would help and it did. So they just kept testing him until they found the artery that was clogging in his heart. I guess is was in a weird place and probably from something congenital(congenital stricture that got worse with age). Anyhow, he has since had a by-pass and is fine.

But again, your MRI just doesn't show anything that should be causing that pain....not in thoracic. BUT, I would wonder if the problem at C5-6 isn't getting worse or something has happened there that has triggered this. It's more in the right area. And on the outside of the cervical spine is the parasympathetic nervous system that affects the organs from chest to head. You get damage at T1/2 area and you can end up with constantly pinpoint's that weird a system.

I kept reading your initial post and didn't see the post about C5-6 until today so I would suspect the problem is there. Stop the chiro and have some tests done. I broke my neck at C4,5 and 6 and you can get some wild symptoms from that area.

But whatever you do, keep searching for something to stop it. Often, once we find something that woks, we can work backwards to find the my brother with the nitro. Since Lexapro helped, it might be something in the nervous system that has gotten inflamed as drugs like that can help the pain centers of the brain when they get fired up. I wonder if Lidocaine patches on your back would help to stop the back part? That would tell you it's surface nerves and nothing internal.

I'll keep doing some reading and trying to find more info. But I'm glad it doesn't seem to be your heart...I was worried about you. But now that I know you do have a seemingly small problem at C5-6, I bet you that is where the problem lies. Just intuition from my own travels down that road. I had very stable lumbar herniations when I saw my spine doc in mid-June...been the same for years and years....and then on July 1st it all fell apart. Took one wrong move and it went nuts. You just never know what will cause things to change.

I got the second MRI of C spine back. Its same as firs one no changes. Think is should get the epidural in my c6 area?

I dont know what else to do. That test for the aortoa is going to come up negative.

My skin is so sensitive to the touch. If you tried rubbing my back it would cause it to burn but just in the areas mentioned not anywhere else on my body.

Does pinch nerve in spine cause skin sensitivity like that?

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