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Mid back and neck
Nov 18, 2011
After having 2 back surgery,s L5-S1,L3-L5 08,11 fusion and neck surgery C5-C6 2002 and still in pain.Just had Mri again of upper back and neck nov 2011 because I have alot of pain in mid back also neck pain with face numbness and headache and shoulder,arm,hand pain arms are weak plus hip and leg pain down to feet. The Mri in a nutshell says I have 3 hernited disc in mid back T9-T10,T3-T4 and T2-T3 and my neck shows 3 prominent bulges C3-C4 with slight indention on cord same with C6-C7 and C7-T1 without significant mass effect.I am waiting for my Doc to call me.
Thanks for imput

MRI Neck and Midback

C5-C6 fusion
L5-S1 Fusion 2 Rods 4 screws
L5-L3 Fusion 2 Rods 6 screws
wayne b
My Doc called me Monday Nite we talked for 45 min telling me that the c6-c7 is bulging on
Front and back but in explaining what he needed to do is a 4 level
Fusion from c3 and a redo on c5-c6 a fusion I had 10 years

He is going to call me back after another Dr takes a look
At films to make sure he is correct. Also we talked about the mid back
Herniated disc and how difficult that surgery would be but also telling
Me about Myelopathy and how that maybe get pressure from my neck
And causeing leg and of course the shoulder and headaches and numbness.
He told to Pray to seek the right thing to do a pretty hard long surgery.
My God unto you I give Thanks!!
Wayne B

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