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hi K. before i can give you some answers here just based on some of the things you said, i kinda need some info from you. have you been actually TOLD that you HAVE a reflex bowel, also called 'upper motor neuron bowel" too? or is this something you are trying to find out IF you have? if your upper motor neurons are even being impacted in ANY way you would almost always also have some level of actual 'hyper reflexia too? you CAN test yourself for hyper reflexia by taking a butter knife and using that heavier end, try tapping that area right below your knee caps, and do it on BOTH legs. if your UMNs are involved/impacted you would have a much 'brisker' type of reflex vs the more 'subtle bounce out' that is much less profound? try doing this and keep tapping UNTIL you can actually find that dead on 'reflex spot' under the caps. you do not aleways hit it on the first try. let me know what THAT actually shows, okay?

just having a cord injury or having it impacted in some way would tend to 'play out' as if you DID actually 'injure' it too in most cases since the cord cannot really 'tell' the difference, it only senses/feels the overall impact of 'something' that is not supposed to be there actually 'doing' something to affect it. so things just do get responded to in pretty much the same way, just without any actual 'trauma' like you would have with an 'injury and the accompaning swelling and other crap.

when you mentioned that you have missed your 'annual' MRIs, the past two? does that mean the initial or the last one you actually had done was like three years ago? this seriously NEEDS to be monitored and NOT waited on until you should start actually 'feeling stronger impact symptoms' since that cord tissue is not at all really forgiving if it is even affecting the UMNs at this point. it means the cord IS being directly impacted NOW. at least getting one comparritive MRI and with a contrasting agent really IS so needed K,seriously. you NEED to know just how much this has grown and what IS being affected. while the majority of there ARE benign in nature, there is a possible with some that are not. have you foundout THAT much from the doc who initially found this out?

what reflex bowel actually is when anything is simply really impacting the cord tissue itself tho it states above T 12, not everyones actual anatomy is simply always textbook either. so that could be why, if you have this, that you DO at all. did it state on your MRI just exactly where your "conus' is? the conus is the medical term for basically 'the end of the cord'. and it 'usually IS right around that same T 12 level give or take up or down a vert or two. some peoples end way above T 12 and some can go a bit beyond it into the lumbar a bit too. not an exacting thing in all people, thats why i am asking.

but reflex bowel is basically the inability to "sense' a full bowel anymore. so when the rectum gets full, tho that anal sphincter DOES stay closed(the anals main muscle)for the most part, at some point when the bowel reaches the actual rectum, you 'could' actually have a BM at just about any time. and you would NOT be able to control THAT part since when our rectums get full, it lets us usually know that by simple 'sensation" in the people without bowel reflex problems will just 'know' its time to hit the bathroom. but when you have this, you no longer would be able to truely feel it, but once that rectum just becomes full, it kind of 'reflexes/releases' on its own kinda thing? it(the muscle) just 'feels' the full rectum and it automatically 'opens that muscle and lets go. people with actual spinal cord injuries who have this have to do what is called 'a bowel maintanance program" for the rest of their lives. its basically knowing what you ate and how long it takes for you to fully digest and then you personally having to stimulate that muscle BEFORE the rectum does it automatically. does that help?

the things i would be kind of worried about here given that this meningioma actually forms usually somewhere kind of ON the arachnoid layer but can 'appear' depending on how clear the MRI actually was like it is ONLY in that dura, is the impact it IS having on your cord K, just by the compression alone? the meninges is actually the full three outter layers of what lays kind of 'over/around our spinal cords delicate neural tissue where ALL of our functions and responses get relayed back and forth to and from the brain to stimulate response/movements(the meninges is the dura mater,arachnoid membrane and then pia mater). if nothing gets done, or this seriously starts to impact that neural tissue more heavily, that damage caused by real compression can in some cases be a permanent thing. parts of these can also calcify which would be a much 'harder impact' upon your cord too. but there ARE newer therepies and ways to try and treat these now too that depending upon location, they CAN also be resected out.

my spinal cord is an absolute mess K, and trust me here, the very LAST thing that you want to live with is any level of true spinal cord injuries. they suck and affect MANY functions when only even one spinal tract becomes involved as well. i would HIGHLY highly advise you hon to just go to see your doc(your own primary can refer you) first to finally obtain that very badly needed better contrasted type of MRI done. then seek out an experienced IN meningiomas type of neurosurgeon just to get "their opinion' on it, and more importantly just how this IS impacting you, and your body as a whole. you just HAVE to have this re evaluated after that much time has passed K, you really do. i KNOW what you mean by procrastinating this off, i am kind of doing the very same thing here with two OTHER crappy things that have to be dealt with too. but i have already been thru sooo much loss and crappy sh** i am in a severe recurrent depression state right now just living and dealing with the aftermath mostly of the cord damage i now have. the sooner you just CAN try like heck to just force yourself if you have to, to GET that MRI done to start, i swear K, the much better off you will be in the long run here vs if you do not. what you have just does tend to grow over time and can impact sooo flippin much depending upon soo many factors that NEED to be found out now, not later AFTER some levels of major damage can set in that cannot be reversed. i am not trying to freak you out here K, just telling you the whole truth on what you just 'could be' dealing with now vs later. sometimes we simply DO have to force ourselves into doing things that have to be done(part of what we deal with here is also a form of denial that we have anything wrong? if i do not seek help, i will be fine. not knowing is better than actually knowing type of thinking? been there done that one to death). i have already been thru hell and back with what started with major liver failure then thankfully a transplant with my youngest son(then a traumatic brain injury tooin 05), and i honestly thought that THAT was going to be 'our' crap and things would get better. oh heck no. they had to find a vascular glob inside of my cord when i simply herniated a flippin disc. and it was bleeding and had to come out. thankfully hon, your problem lies in the OUTTER layers and not within the cord itself. but please, for your own safety and overall best health, see about starting slow with just obtaining that NEEDED updated MRI and let things take their course from there. you do NOT at all want to end up where i am, not even close hon. i DO hope you will please take the advise of at least finding out by MRI right now just where this thing is(can grow up,down in or outwards) and how much growth and overall impact it is having on your cord K. just hang in there and do what IS needed and in YOUR best interest. take care, marcia

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