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:confused:Hi I have a right c7 c8 radiculopathy bilateral L5 radiculopathy and mild bilateral carpal tunnels and I am experiencing numbness and tingling of my left side face and my scalp and left arm. As well as muscle twitching which started after the numbness. Doctor says its not from pinched neck nerve but I think it is because all these symptoms happened at once after I had a weird temple headache that lasted 2 weeks. Then came weird twitching. Doctors say that a pinched nerve in the neck can not cause facial numbness or scalp tingling or even muscle twitches. I don't even know how I got this injured. I'm only in my mid twenties!!!

I have read on some sites it can and some sites it can not because the neck controls the arms, and shoulders. The pinched nerve in my back causes feet numbness and leg spasms. I'm confused but I am also convinced that my neck injury is causing my face problems. Right now at this very moment the middle of my lip is numb and my cheek just twitched. Now my hands are feeling numb. Earlier my neck started hurting and I had pins and needles in my shoulder. I really think this is due to my pinched nerves!!!! My doctor says that face symptoms might be MS but why is all this linked together and I have pinched nerves as well. My ear is also hurting but no infection. Someone please help me. Is anyone else out there having my symptoms????
Sorry I have taken soooo long to reply back. MRI results are from January. I got MRI of my brain, cervical spine and thoracic spine with and without contrast. They did not find anything. This was 4 months after my symptoms started.

Findings from MRI of brain says there is no intracranial mass or hemorrhage. No areas of abnormal signal intensity are identified in the brain. No extraaxial fluid collections. There is no abnormal contrast enhancement.

Findings from Cervical Spine: Cervical cord has a normal appearance. Thereis no abnormal intensity or contrast enhancement. BUT it says there is a loss of cervical lordosis, which they say is nothing. Discs have a normal appearance. No foraminal stenosis.

MRI of T spine: Normal examination

ALL say normal examination.

I still have all of my symptoms. Back pain, neck pain. Tingling, numbness not that really bothers me, but its there. When one part of my body has the tingling then it jumps to each part for about 5secs. Some days its there some days it's gone. I do still have it in my face with slight twitches but nothing like before. It has definitely gotten better. The tingling never stays in the same place. If I feel it in my will stay there for about 5secs then jump to my leg for about 5 secs then maybe my hand and then gone.

IDK....sometimes I think it may be stress. I am very stressed. My hair has also been shedding for years and I am mid twenties. It always grows back. Before I got my MRI I had the EMG done and this was after I picked that heavy furniture up and my symptoms were severe. The EMG showed I had pinched nerves I think C7-C8 and L5, the doctor had me wear a neck brace and back brace. I remember when the technologist that was giving me the EMG shocked my hands he could not get a line and had to continuously try to get one. The doctor then said I had mild carpal tunnels with C&-C* radiculopathy and S5 I think radiculopathy.... BUT as I said the MRI showed nothing! Confused.

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