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Hi all,

This is my first time posting. I have had 2 mri's in the last year. The second one was done because my dr is sending me to a new NS, and he wanted a new one performed. They are both worded so differently, that I'm wondering if things have changed in the last year, or if different radiologists are just using different words to show the same results.

My first Mri says:

The craniocervical junction is unremarkable and the intrinsic cord signal is normal in appearance. Reversal of the lordotic curve apexes at c5. c1-c2, c2-c3, c3-c4, and c4-c5 are unremarkable.

C5-c6: Disc dehydration isaccompanied my mild to moderate loss of disc height and anterior vertebral body osteophyte formation. Type 1 anterior sterile endplate marrow signal alteration is compatible with a fibrovascular inflammatory response. Broad based disc herniation of the protrusion type indents the ventral aspect of the thecal sac with rightward ventral cord effacement and mild cord flattened contour alteration. Concomitant abutment of the c6 right nerve root is also demonstrated. Luschka and facet joint degenerative arthropathy combined to produce mild bilateral foraminal canal narrowing.

C6-c7: Shallow broad based posterior subligamentous protrusion slightly indents the ventral aspect of the thecal sac without evidence of neural compression. Mild degenerative facet arthropathy is demonstrated without substansive foraminal stenosis. c7-t4 uuremarkable.

1. Broad based disc protrusion involving c5-c6, resulting in right hemicord effacement. Coexisting luschka and facet joint degenerative arthropathy combined to produce mild biforaminal stenosis.
2. Shallow broad based noncompressive subligamentous protrusion involving c6-c7

My new Mri reads:

The cervical vetebral bodies are in anatomic alignment. there appear to be mild degenerative changes in the discs at c5-c6 and c6-c7. There is no evidence of any significant prevertebral soft tissue swelling. The craniocervical junction is intact. No significant signal abnormalities in the bone marrow.
The c2-c3 level is normal
The c3-c4 level is normal
the c4-c5 level is normal
The c5-c6 level reveals a moderate sized osteophytic ridge disc complex along the uncovertebral joint. this causes partial effacement of both the ventral and dorsal subarachnoid CSF space. The AP diameter of the spinal canalo measures 8 mm. There is mild narrowing of the neuroforamina bilaterally.
The c6-c7 level reveals a small osteophytic ridge disc complex along they uncovertebreal joint. This is slightly asymmetric to the right. This causes partial effacement of both the ventral and dorsal subarachnoid CSF space. The AP diameter of the spinal canal measures approximately 9.5 mm. Ther does appear to be mild narrowing of the right neural foramen.
c7-t1 level is unremarkable.

Impression: There is evidence of moderate central spinal stenosis seen at c5-c6 and mild central spinal stenosis seen at c6-c7 as described.

I was going to PT and chiro before the first mri, and it was the chiro that actually ordered the mri. After he saw the results he said he didn't want to treat me anymore because he was afraid it would make it worse. He did send me home with a tens unit, which doesn't really help much. My doctor then sent me to a NS, and she told me that I would be fine, and just needed an epidural and my pain would be gone. I have since had an epidural, facet joint injections, and a medial branch block with no relief.

Since I started the injections, I have started having tingling in my neck that radiates into my right shoulder. I assumed it was from the injections, but I'm not sure now, because I am still having it and haven't had an injection since May. Many days the pain in my neck is so bad I can barely turn my head, and in the last month I have started having that same tingling in my right thigh of all places. When this happens walking feels kind of weird, almost like I can't walk in a straight line. Not sure if that has anything to do with my neck issues, but it is kind of scaring me a little.

Sleeping is so hard, as I can't seem to get my neck in a comfortable position. I have been through many different pillows, and some nights I just give up and sleep in my recliner.

Right now I am on hydrocodone and muscle relaxers for the pain, and my appt with the new NS is on Jan. 30th. I am so afraid he is going to tell me to go back to PM for more injections, and I don't want any more, as I haven't gotten any relief from them. I also don't want to be taking pills for the rest of my life...I am 45 years old. I am afraid of surgery, and not even sure if I am a candidate for it, but if it will stop things from progressing, and give me some relief, then it is something to consider.

Thanks for taking the time to read my little book, and I would greatly appreciate any responses.


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