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Hello all.
I am posting here because of all the experience of the members here, I am hoping that maybe some of you can help or hopefully reassure me that I am not insane. As I am certainly starting to feel a little or alot crazy.

Last september I had an acdf of c5-6. My neurosurgeon said this one had to be fixed now because it had massively effected my cord. Before surgery I was having pretty severe pain in my right arm and shoulder for quite a long time, I had seen a neurosurgeon because of the numbness and tingling in my right arm.

After surgery the pain was somewhat better, but the numbness and tingling was dramtically better.

Now I am back to where i was or actually worse. My right arm, sholder area, collarbone area, back of my neck and base of my skull is tingly and numb feeling. I have an area that goes from my shoulder to my palm on innerside of elbow that burns and tingles severely. I am getting headaches in the back of my head like I have never felt before. My shoulder feels like glass that may shatter. My right arm even though it feels all the above feels like it is dead or like it isnt apart of me. I seem to be having a hard time getting it to do what I want it to. The tingling runs down my back on the right of my spine, it feels tingly and "cold". I am also having trouble with my legs.

sometimes I feel so stiff that it is hard to move. These problems are all worse it seems if I lean forward or bend my head. Like right now I am having trouble cooridnating the movement in my right hand it is tingling heavy and burning cold.

Here are my mri results from before surgery

reversal of normal cervical lordosis and mild disc desiccation from c2-3 thru c6-7
c2-3reveals a moderate uncal vertebral hypertrophy resulting in moderate neural foraminal stenosis bilaterally

c3-4 there is a mild uncal vertebral hypertrophy without significant neural foraminal stenosis

c4-5 there is a large right paracentral disc protrusion abutting the cord. there is also moderate left neural foraminal narrowing and moderate-large right neural foraminal narrowing at this level.

c5-6 there is a large left paracentral disc protrusion which severely effects the cord this contributes to moderate left neural foraminal narrowing. There is also moderate right neural foraminal narrowing

c6-7 there is a small posterior disc osteophyte complex without significant canal stenosis. there is a moderate left neural foraminal narrowing at this level.

My surgeon had said that I should of been having more symptoms on the left, at time of surgery I had just started getting numbness to my left arm, but all of my symptoms have always been on right side.
At 6 months I was fused very well.

Any help/like experiences
My surgeon has moved so I need a new one

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