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After seeing what laminoplasty is, it looks scarier and riskier than acdf. Please help me understand. What I saw on the MRI with the NS is a bone spur touching a nerve and some herniation of c5,6. I don't think I have cord compression. I do see where a foraminotomy would help. I guess I just wondered if my herniation is bad enough for a diskectimy now or will it just get worse in two years, give or take. Tonight I'm having really bad pain from the ears to both shoulders on both sides. Time to go to sleep and take my meds. I would love to hear any explanations you all might have for getting laminoplasty. Btw even though I have pain in my shoulders and arms, I still have strength, so I pass those tests. On my c7 I'm having anterior fusion(we already know this has to be done). I'm confused. Thank you

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