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Alan...I started warm pool PT this past May and it has changed my life. You really should find a place and do it. You can move so much better in the water and being warm(92*+) the muscles don't get cold and cramp or spasm. I would never believe it if I hadn't done it myself. Worth the time and the money for sure.

I don't take any pain meds due to allergies(as I have explained) but that doesn't mean I'm not hurting or don't get really miserable at times. I am! I throw amazing "pity parties" for myself at times. And then I keep looking for ways to make it better.

I would give up on ortho spine surgeons and try neurosurgeons. I know the neurosurgeons at NYU do laminoplasties. I know your rods may be in the way but even a laminectomy would help in your neck and they should be able to get in around the rods to do that.

Therapy helps a lot and is very under utilized. When you are tired of dumping your misery on others, it really helps to have a particular person to dump it on...and then they help you cope.

I've done acupuncture and homeopathy...didn't work after a while.

Like you, both my legs are numb right now to the point where I can no longer feel the gas pedal when I drive. My neurosurgeon is so hesitant to operate on me but I think he'll be doing not 1 but 2 more surgeries if I can get him to. Lumbar and cervical. I know you have the major kidney problems but a really good doc at a medical center that deals with complicated patients should be able to help you. It's finding someone who is willing to help you. They are few and far between.

But in the meantime, take your pain meds and feel some relief. And do find a warm pool PT facility. They have to be certified to do pool PT and the pool has to be tested regularly and meet the 92* threshold to be certified. We have 2 rehab hospitals here who have them and then I found a nursing home with one that offers PT and open pool times for the public. It is 3-4 feet deep and just for walking and exercising and even has a pneumatic chair if you can't do the stairs. I've walked in the water with amputees, a blind woman, stroke survivors, a woman with transverse myelitis....all sorts of problems. It is really great. Improved my range of motion and stamina and has helped to relieve my pain. Just floating from a pool "noodle" is like doing traction in that it stretches the spine out. And they frequently put on the massage jets just to make it even nicer!

I'm still looking for more and more ways to help myself and I'll pass along whatever I find.


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