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Thanks for the response!

c3-c4 & c4 c5 both say
Severe left and mild right sided facet athrosis is seen with severe left nural forminal narrowing

C5-c6 Severe disc space narrowing is seen with broad based posterior disc osteophyte complex which impresses upon the spinal cord. there is moderate to severe canal stenosisand severe bilateral nueral forminal narrowing.

c6-c7 severe disc space narrowing is seen with mild broad based posterior disc osteophyte complex. there appears to be a broad based central disc protrution extending posterior 0.4 cm impressing upon the spinal cord. Severe left and moderate right sided nueral forminal narrowing is present.

Symtoms....Bad neck pain...head feels very heavy, the pain goes into my shoulders and down my arms...worse on the left....burning between shoulder blades and my left hand goes numb and right hand gets very cold and head aches....legs get heavy and sore but that could be an old L1-L2 compression fracture.

I see the NS next tuesday....the symtoms are getting worse and my doc says they will not get any better........leaving me to believe the only option is surgery?

Thanks again.......J

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