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Jenny, it was so nice to hear from you. I am so sorry that I didn't go on here earlier as I have been busy with grandchildren and other things again. I am so sorry you are having other problems with your feet!!!
Thank you so much for reading my letter. I am not sure I was thinking that they overlooked a major problem just that I was really upset that 3 years later I have to find out that nobody told me these test results and the fact that I am really sore in the area of L5/s1 as a matter of fact I decided to try again another chiropractor a few weeks ago for my "neck" which I am in still terrible chronic pain which is another awful story. I am going in less than 2 weeks on a vacation with my whole family to Los Cabos and my neck is bad and my leg is radiating pain from my tailbone area into my hip right down my leg and I thought maybe the chiropractor might be able to adjust it and I don't know why because I have been to the chiropractor for years and years and stopped about 7 months ago. I tried for my neck on one of those DRX9000 machines (42 times) and it didn't help it at all but afterwards he would crack my back and my hip so I thought maybe I should try that again. Maybe my back was "for a lack of a better way of describing it was getting rusty". I have moved and was walking by a new chiropractor's office and decided to go in and talk to him. Well I told him my whole tale of chronic pain, blah blah and he said he could help me, he would adjust my neck above the titanium cage and below and would go near it and he could adjust my back. Well I decided to give him a chance and he adjusted me twice and I was surprised because my neck started to feel a bit better after the first adjustment. I know you wouldn't be able to remember but above and below I am in pain also and my fusion was at C5/6 and 6/7 and 6/7 failed and is still not fused and I am still in absolute pain. Anyway he adjusted my back and he really hurt me and I think he has either bruised my rib or it has been about 8 or 9 days and it still hurts so bad there are days where I think it might be even cracked!!!! This could only happen to me Jenny!!!!
Sorry I am just complaining again and nothing ever seems to go right for me probably because I just gave up and haven't done anything about it. I had decided that no doctor could help me and then now I have to decided to get a new GP doctor who I am going to on Tuesday. I asked on another site following up on a gentlement from the UK I believe about something other than Gapapentin. I asked you if there was something else that is similar to Cymbalta??? When my husband retired over two years ago, we were able to use our insurance for 1 year after and the government helped but now we have BCBS and it is soooo expensive because of my Pre Existing Condition and it is over $600 a month and we have a $10,000 deductible which sucks because everytime I walk into the doctors office, through the doors it costs me $150.00 at least never mind tests, forget it. So, I don't go to the doctors for anything!!! It covers 1 check up per year and mammogram, pap-smear, bonedensity and that is it so I have got those definitely but nothing else is covered, so I am in a bad place. I have decided after having my surgery in Nov. of 2003 and still walking around not fused to send a letter to the surgeon that did the surgery and ask him if he will decide to help me now since I am sure you don't recall but he don't us (my husband, son and I to leave his office) as my son asked him too many questions) and he thought we were questioning his surgery) He is one of the top surgeons in Michigan and now he is doing re-visions practically full time!!! He never followed my surgery probably, just told me to go to a pain clinic but didn't send me until 1 1/2 years for any exrays until he finally sent me for a myelogram and found out I wasn't fused and then offered me revision surgery until we asked too many questions and told us to leave. There has to be my story in the healthboards somewhere. You have already told me your opinion but I am still in chronic pain and went to another doctor in October of 2010 and he told me he would operate and then found out that my insurance was running out in a few months and said in his report that I was trying to "make" him operate on me so I never went back and here I sit feeling so alone Jenny and in absolute pain. I have the letter ready to send to the surgery and the 3 disk package with MRI, flexion extension views, and CT scan. Do I send it or not. I am not a fan of surgeons after what I have gone through!!! I am all over the place with this story as I don't want to re-hash my problems, I am tired and am in pain. Oh yes, I got off of the subject again. I am going to a new doc. on Tues. and have to ask for something other than Cymbalta because it is just way to expensive and I know there is not going to be a generic until next year. Do you know what the best drug would be, it is not only for an anti-depressant but also for fibromyalgia. I do take gabapentin also and I don't really know what that is for, they say nerve pain, don't know whether that helps either but I have been on it for years, also topomax (generic) and I take ambien every night have for at least 15 years, no pain pills, lots of new supplements for health food or homeopathic doctor. Also just found out I am hypothryoid and am taking levothyroxine but can't get a pound off!!! Sorry for rambling. Take care

Lyn in Michigan

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