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Yeah, this doctor is a pain management specialist. He said he spends all day reading mris. And since I've heard he is the "best," I have no choice but to listen to what he says. It's just a bummer to finally have had an "answer" to what was going on, and then have that taken away.

I dono't have the report with me, but I do know that the main issue was the c2-c3 disc protrusion with disc deccication at c2-c3, c3-c4. Disc bulges from c3-c7, then 4 disc bulges in lumbar. all were "broad-based disc bulges" .. my chiro read the mri with me and confirmed that the c2-c3 is pressed against the "sac," but wasn't pressing the cord or anything else.

I guess I'm just bummed and unsure of what else could be going on that would explain the pain & symptoms. I do know that I've started having some .. "restless leg" symptoms as of lately. A week ago is was just muscle spasms and pain in my right calf. Now i'm noticing that both of my legs are in pain from knee down.. There seems to be a constant tingling in the back of the legs. Nothing in my feet. I woke up in extreme uncomfortable feeling in my legs mostly in my left leg. I've noticed that sitting worsens MOST of my symptoms with pain, legs, numbness. I've noticed lifting my hands/arms to my face or higher makes the numbness in my arms 10 times worse. The dizziness and "lightheadness" seems to be worse with standing/driving.

None of the symptoms are constant.. They come for part of the day, then other symptoms replace them.. Kind of like it's a major trade-off. The pain in my neck/upper back is pretty constant. Numbness comes and go. Leg symptoms are for most of the day. Head pressure is most of the day.

Any suggestions on WHAT I should have the pain management specialist test me for or ask about?

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