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No quite.

The spinal canal is an opening in the vertebral bone that goes all the way from the base of the skull to the end of the tailbone. Inside of that canal is the spinal cord and it's spinal fluid, held in around the cord by a membrane called the thecal sac. To the front of that canal is the main area of bone(shaped like a round disk) and the disks are in between the bones....round like the bone shape. The back edge of the disk is right up against the spinal canal.

So even a slight bulge of the disk backwards can protrude into the spinal canal. Doesn't have to be herniated(which means ruptured) to be hitting the cord or the sac around the cord. In your case, it is hitting the cord and even makes an indentation in the cord but the MRI showed no problems with the cord itself as in softening of the tissue or anything like that.

One thing that is missing form your report is how indented the cord is.....they can measure how wide the cord it and tell you if it's 10mms. or 6mms. Average size is above 12 mms. Anything below 10mms is considered to be abnormal.

The cord can take a lot of compression IF the compression develops slowly. I was down to 5-6mms at 2 places and 8mms at 2 more. So how compressed is important as to whether or not you have surgery.

The symptoms you are having could be from cord compression. I never had any pain from mine but some people do. But it causes numbness, tingling, pins and needles anywhere below that level so arms to toes is the area involved. Shoulders, neck and back of head should not be involved. You can develop muscle dysfunction such as stiff legs, dropping things, muscle weakness in arms and legs, trouble moving your legs forward, and even walking with the feet wider than normal to adjust for a loss of balance...I called it my drunk walk. I would usually be pretty good in the AM but went steadily downhill as the day went on.

What has your doc suggested for treatment/surgery?

Both Webdozer and I had a new surgery called a laminoplasty to fix our cord compression. It doubles the size of the spinal canal without having to do any kind of fusion. No fusion is good news.

Any of this sound familiar?


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