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[QUOTE=Readytorun4;4922277]I had ACDF on C6/7 three weeks ago today. I have felt GREAT since I woke up in the recovery room. About a 11 days after the surgery I had a set back I guess it was from picking up something too heavy or doing laundry of just overdoing it. My shoulder blades and mid back were just killing me. Two days in bed as much as possible cured that and since then I've just felt better and better. My doctor hasn't given me any specific guidelines about when I could get back to running and tennis. I've been walking but I was a runner prior to the surgery and yesterday I alternated running/walking for 4 miles. My mid back is quite sore today but tolerable. I also played tennis (doubles) only one set today for the first time. I was very careful not to twist or hit really hard etc. Just wanted to get out there to hit the ball and see how it felt. I play league tennis and matches start a week from Tuesday and I'd LIKE to be able to play. My doctor didn't have me wear any brace...I have a plate and screws and pretty good range of motion. Have been driving since day 3 days after surgery. Endurance seems to be my issue and any pain I have is coming from the thoracic area which wasn't an issue before - I believe it's probably just overcompensating. I almost never read good reports or quick recoveries....any thoughts? Do you think I'm setting myself up for disaster? As I had a very active day yesterday and today I have a feeling tomorrow will be a "REST" day for sure. I'm just ready to get back to my normal life. My weight is up 10 lbs and I'm VERY petite 5'2" on a good day. I have found that running is the best way to stay thin and I'm reluctant to go on waiting much longer. I guess I want to know is it ok to have a little bit of soreness from activities such as "jogging" or "running" as long as it's not TERRIBLE pain or should one refrain from all these activities??? Thanks for your input! :)[/QUOTE]

Hello Readytorun4, I had a 3 level ACDF and this is my opinion only, I say yes to walking unsure about 4 miles seems a little long for being 3 weeks post op, but I would not be running or playing tennis at all yet. My Neurosurgeon told me that it takes at least 3 to 6 months for the bone to fuse. Running and playing tennis is very hard on the spine and I would think that would put additional stress on your(fusion) neck. I would speak to your Dr to get the ok to go back to full activity in such a short time. Rest is very important after any type of surgery and you have stated you have felt pain from bending/laundry which I would think an easier task than running/tennis, again my opinion only. I understand your eagerness tho!
Take care

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