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Thank you for the info. My weaknesss/numbness seems to be stable, not getting worse but not necessarily improving. Since it is affecting my right arm/hand (which is my dominant hand, of course) it is quite concerning. It sounds like the weakness I have is worse than what you experienced. I notice it doing things like lifting something off or onto a shelf, blow drying my hair, cutting vegetables, putting on clothing. Also, I do not have full range of motion with my right arm, as compared with my left. I have had about 5 PT visits where he uses manual cervical traction and two more visits next week. I have seen a chiropractor twice who uses a device called the Activator as manipulations to my neck would be too risky. I'm not sure if that will do anything but I'll try anything to get better and avoid surgery.

My neurosurgery visit is next week and I have a second opinion with another surgeon the week after. Admittedly I am a bit worried about my future at this point but trying to remain hopeful. If I knew in 4 months (I'm at 9 weeks post injury) I'd be better then certainly I would not have surgery, unless they can offer an outpatient less invasive procedure...anterior cervical fusion with decompression ACDF) sounds like a huge major surgery and I'm a singer so I don't want to risk harm to my voice.

I'm surprised how quickly they wanted to operate on you. Usually surgery is a last resort but maybe your weakness is what motivated the surgeon. Did you ever have an EMG (electromyogram) to determine which nerves/muscles were being affected?

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