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Hi Emily.....sorry you are having so many problems.

Don't let that doc "fix" your neck. The problem at C3-4 is a bulging disk that is touching the membrane that holds the spinal fluid in around the spinal cord but it NOT touching the spinal cord or the spinal nerves that go out to your body(those nerves don't go to your arms but to the area around your neck). The area below the fusion has the same problem except that the bone spurs associated with the bulging disk are "mildly" hitting the nerves to your arms. They rate the amount of compression on the nerves with the words...minimal, mild, moderate and mild is just that...mild. Most docs won't operate until you hit the severe level. Unless that EMG shows severe compression, run the other way from that doc...he wants to operate when he shouldn't. He makes that existing fusion larger and in a few years, he'll be doing it again going down the rest of your neck. Fusions lead to more fusions.

And your neck is NOT curving backwards...the MRI says you have a straightening of the normal inward curve...not a loss of it. If your neck really did go in reverse, you wouldn't be able to hold up your head or look upwards. It forces your head downward.

See the neurologist and work with him/her to find out what it going on. The dizziness and blackouts don't go with neck problems unless you have a problem with the blood vessels in the neck. There are 2 arteries that go to the back of the brain that go up through the top 6 vertebrae in the neck(why we say no chiropractor!). If those are involved, you will need the top neurosurgeon and vascular surgeon in the US to fix it....rare and very, very serious. We have someone here facing exactly this problem so if that is what it is, she can help you.

But you need testing and not a gung ho spine surgeon trying to make $$$ off of you. In fact, if it's the blood vessels, he could make it worse. No spine doc until you know what is wrong. Please.

You worry me. You've got a doc who seems to want to operate on a neck that does not need it but symptoms that "could" be extremely serious but only testing will show what is going on. Stay with the neurologist...they have no "dog in the fight" in that they don't make money off of surgery so they are neutral.....if they tell you that you need surgery, then let them send you to the best doc they know of. That is exactly what I did and it worked well for me.

We are hearing of way too many spine docs who are willing to operate when they shouldn't and it's really scary to know they are making money off of scared people this way. Your spinal cord is part of your brain and no one wants a brain surgeon who is thinking $$$ and not their health and safety.

Let me know what the neurologist thinks okay? Like I said, you worry me.


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