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I have had neck pain for awhile, on top of that I have Fibromyalgia. Ortho surgeon determined degenerative disc disease at C5-6; surgery not really necessary as it's not that bad. Had me going to PT, did massage, heat, electrical stimulation, and we started traction. Traction worked for a few hours but end of day, agony in the way of a migraine. he thinks because I felt better right after PT, the discs were open, not compressing, but as gravity took it's toll, compression and bam, Migraine.

So surgery is a possibility but first we tried the Epidural injection today.
Got all the side effects, and did it... had a cortisone shot in my hip a few times and one recently in my shoulder. First; this burned, he said that is normal but ouch!!! ... it did not feel good. I'm feeling stiff and sore in my neck now (been about 5 hours); and I'm not thrilled.

Anyone had any stiffness in their neck after one of these? His office said stiffness from the shot can be normal; especially after the anesthetic wears off; but neck and shoulders feel sore and stiff... No fevers or anything else.... I'm not sure I want to do another one of these; the relief over the next few days better be good! :)

I haven't been able to find any real feedback on these injections so anyone who has had one done; I'd love to hear your reactions... I know that people tolerate things differently but ... :)
Cortisone shots in general can go one of two either have immediate relief or it causes a lot of pain for a day or 2 before the relief kicks in. It's the same whether it's the spine, a joint, a tendon or a bursa. And 2 separate shots in the same area can be opposites of each other so the next one could be the immediate relief type. I've had several hundred cortisone shots over the past 40 years for OA, RA and massive tendinitis and bursitis....and spine issues.

You should know that they also use a numbing agent and a dye so that they can see where they are.....I'd blame the dye.

Give it a couple of days and see how you are. FYI...most insurance companies won't approve any kind of spine surgery until you've tried at least 1 that is out of the way.

Ice down your neck tonight and then tomorrow, use some heat to get the blood flow up there....then see how it is. I bet it is much better.

I had a cervical epidural last year, and I had the same stiffness and pain that you are experiencing. They had warned me that it would get worse before it got better, and to give the shot at least 2 weeks to work. On the 4th day after the shot, I woke up and had no pain for the first time in years. I was so happy, and decided that it was defineately worth the discomfort. Unfortuneately, the pain came back as bad as it was before the shot after just 2 days of no pain. I still waited the 2 weeks before telling them it wasn't any better.

After that they tried facet joint injections, and a medial branch block, with each set of injections more uncomfortable than the last, but with no relief. I finally had to tell them that I didn't want to be a human pin cushion any more, and tomorrow I have a second appt with the neurosurgeon.

I hope you feel better tomorrow, and get a good result from the epidural.
I just made an appointment for my first cervical epidural injection. 3/21 was the soonest I could get in. Thanks for sharing your experience, it helps those of us dealing with the same problems.
Thanks... I was worried the stiff/pain was not normal... called dr cuz it was not on his sheet of aftercare/side effects.... said rest and *should* feel better tomorrow or Thursday and will be calling in morning to check on me. I'm leary of surgery just yet, my degeneration mild, and fibro likely why I hurt so bad since so mild.... we shall see.

Thanks again.

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