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I am a nurse who was recently in a MVA. I received the following MRI results today. Any information anyone has about my results would be helpful.

1. Large left posterolateral disc extrusion at C5-6. This produces moderate left sided cord compression and marked stenosis of the left C6 foramina. There is some mild canal stenosis in the midline.
2. Minimal disc bulge at C3-4 without cord compression or stenosis.
3. Disc degeneration with anterior spurring and mild loss of disc height at C5-6.

Symptoms: Pain in left shoulder, back, and sciatic pain in left hip and leg. Some symptoms on right but mostly in left.

Keeping in mind that I'm just an interested amateur who has done some reading and has a little too much personal experience....

"Moderate" probably should be taken to mean "this might be a problem"

"Marked" I would GUESS to be one step worse than Moderate

I don't know anything about how trauma like MVA's affects the cervical spine so, based on that complete lack of knowledge, I'd say it looks like your accident exacerbated an already-incipient problem at C5-6.

Didn't the MRI say anything about C4-5?

Your shoulder/arm problems could certainly be caused by the foraminal stenosis. that is, your peripheral nerve heading to your arm is being squeezed where it leaves your spinal cord.

Your hip/leg problems might be trickier. I think that a doc usually goes to the lumbar spine right away when someone has hip pain. Did you get a lumbar MRI?

That said, this "moderate" left-side cord compression could be causing problems anywhere below the C5-6 level. It could be that a different radiologist would consider this compression a little worse than "moderate"?

I would suggest seeing a GOOD surgeon who SPECIALIZES in spine surgery, and also maybe follow up on that lumbar issue.

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