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I too was hoping to get help with my MRI. I have been having bouts of dizziness and loss of coordination for month. after a week, i tried everything to avoid ER, went to ER who ruled out everything...blood and urine, ct scan of brain, chest xray, 2 ekgs, blood pressures. found nothing and sent me home.

SO they did MRI of brain and C spine looking for MS. brain came back ok but spine is a mess. Dr. asked if I had an accident or fell-nothing. The day before it started, I raked my very small hardly any leaves covered yard and cut a small tree branch down by hand saw. The next day i bent to pick an item up and i got dizzy. later that night went for a short walk and it was worse, and my feet were purple/ black. The dizziness used to only occur while bending, walking, carrying something or putting arms above head, like reaching into cabinet. If I continue to walk, I lose coordination of my legs and appear like someone who is drunk and cannot hardly walk straight or stay on feet. Now it happens when laying down and move arms and I hear owl sounds. like its my own heartbeat of blood rushing through my ears (this makes me sound crazy, huh?). when i saw neuro after first scan, he just said it doesnt require surgery just a little PT but wants to image my lumbar first. i went for lumbar next day but it seems like my dizziness is now no longer important. i have not fallen and if i stop walking or am laying down it lasts for seconds and goes away. if i continue to walk it will continue to happen for like 20 ft or so or if i stop will go away after some deep breaths and about 10-15 seconds

C spine MRI results:

c4 c5 1mm broad based right paracentral disc herniation with compression on the thecal sac

c5 c6 asymmetric bulging annulus more prominent to right of midline with compression on thecal sac

c6 c7 broad based central/right paracentral disc herniation with compression on thecal sac

c7 t1 broad based central/right paracentral disc herniation with compression on thecal sac and with contrast clear visualization of a central annular tear. they suggested mri of my t spine (but so far no order)


abnormal bone marrow signal in left ilium (hip) hypointense on T1 and hypo-to intermediate signal on T2 data set. (rec mri w/wo conrrast of and xrays of boney pelvis which was done yesterday because it is showing up black on MRI)

anterior marginal osteophytes formation and mild degeneration of dis desiccation at all lumbar levels. mild narrowing of L2-3, L3-4 intervertebral disc is noted. mild diffuse annular bulge is seen from the L2-3 through the L5-S1 level, resulting in mild compression of the adjoining ventral thecal sac. Mild effacement of the neural foramina appeared unremarkable. there is a decrease in the AP dimension of the central apinal canal at the L3-L4 level, measuring appor 9 mm. conus medullaris and roots of cauda equina are normal. Schmorl's nodule formation is seen at T12 through L4 levels.

diffuse lumbar spondylosis and mild diffuse posterior annular bulge

I go on Friday to neuro for pelvic results. I looked at MRI and can see black hip bone but other than that dont really know what else to look for. Neuro says i just need PT not surgery. Pain doctor says back will never get better- just looking at reports and not discs- and that best case scenario hip is avascular necrosis and worst case - cancer. the last five days have been FOREVER and the next 2 I imagine wont be any shorter.

Thanks for any info or suggestions or even just your time for reading. its prob more time than these doctors spend with me. One doctors office said my insurance doesnt pay for "well-care" just pain mgmt. so i guess they just pay for me to become a drug addict. not really an option since its just me and an 11 year old. Its sad that after $20,000, i still dont know why the dizziness is occurring.

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