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I'm a 31 year old female with chronic neck pain
and I've tried massages, chiropractic care, PT and anti-inflammatory medication with no relief. My symptoms are:
Neck pain and stiffness
Severe headaches at back of head and forehead. (Pain meds do not help these)
Muscle spasms in right side of neck ( better with regular use of muscle relaxers)
Right shoulder and arm pain radiating into pinky and ring finger.
Right shoulder and hand numbness
Numbness between shoulder blades
Right arm feels heavy and disconnected. I am unable to raise beyond an 80 degree angle from my side.
I'm also experiencing mild right leg heaviness and feelings of disconnect with right foot numbness

I've had an MRI and am being referred to a Neurosurgeon. The NS office will be calling for an appointment, but who knows when I'll get in considering its been a week and I still don't even have an appointment date.

Could you tell me what it says in laymens terms and give me your opinion of the report and tell me if my symptoms are consistent with the results?
There is minimal distention of the central canal within the cervical cord spanning the c6-c7 level and compatible with small syrinx or hydromyelia.
Straightening of cervical lordosis. Cervical vertebrae are otherwise normal in height and alignment. The intevertebral disc show mild desiccation and minimal disc bulge appearing worse ar c5-c6 level. The bulging disc at c5-c6 appears to contact the right anterior
Thecal sac. Spinal column is otherwise patent. Mild bilateral uncovertable and facet hypertrophy is also present and there is mild to moderate right c5-c6 neural firemen narrowing.
Thanks! My apologies for typing errors. I didn't sleep much last night and am using my phone. I'm unable to edit the title.

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