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Your spine should be tilted forward at the top of your shoulders. In order to keep your head upright, then, the spine must bend toward the back until it is pointing straight up. What the doc probably means by "reverse" cervical lordosis is that you have lost (or are losing) some of that backward curve. You haven't yet slipped over into a forward curve - kyphosis.

As Jenny said, this can put a lot of strain on your muscles to hold your head up. I would think that having a longer neck increases the strain considerably, although being so young, you may not be feeling it - yet.

Still, your symptoms sound to me like there's more going on than just muscle strain. The shooting pains, and even more so the fact that they're one-sided, makes me wonder if your spinal nerves are not being affected. Losing the healthy cervical lordosis can put undue pressure on the FRONT of your disks, which may cause them to bulge out the BACK. If they do so, they may intrude into the "foramina", which are the openings in the spine that the spinal nerves pass through. A disk pressing on a spinal nerve can cause all kinds of symptoms that appear to be coming from the parts of the body serviced by that nerve.

Have you had an MRI? I can see why a doc would hesitate to order one for someone as young as you, but I kinda think it's called for.

As for your reverse lordosis, I think you need to fight it with everything you have. Unless you have drastic surgery, this looks to be a lifelong battle for you.

I'm really sorry to bring such bad news. Of course, I'm just an interested amateur, so there's always a good chance that I'm wrong...

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