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It's fine... I totally understand the brain mri. I basically posted it because MS also has numbness, tingling and pain as a symptom. Just wanted to get it all out there in case someone came on here and said "pain, tingling and numbness are also symptoms of MS, maybe you should be checked for that." Just wanted to say "I am being checked for that."

To answer your question... the left leg was really bad at the time of the mri, now they are both really bad.

I'm going to ask the neuro for something for pain and for new mri's, don't know if I will have any luck. She is not a nice lady.

What do you think about the there hope? You think pain shots might help to figure out if that is what's causing the pain? And how on earth would we fix it?

Thanks for replying. I know it was long, but figured without the whole picture it's kinda useless.
Well, I read through all of it and I think you need to follow up with the MS possibility. Frankly, your spine is probably not causing you any problems or at least, minimal. What you say is a T7-8 issues, is not....T7-8 wrap around the chest at the waist level, just below the rib cage. C5-6 has a problem but on the right side, and only affecting the cord in a very minimal way...not the spinal nerves. As for the lumbar, that is the only place where you have a spinal nerve compressed but only moderately. That would cause some pain over the front aspect of the left knee but the compression is not bad enough to be causing major problems.

I've had major spine problems from C1 down since I was a kid and my best friend has had MS since her late teens. We have compared our symptoms over the years and what you describe does not sound like spine but more like MS. Spine issues don't burn like that...they just plain hurt. The burning comes more from an irritated or inflamed nerve and not a compressed nerve. And spine issues tend to be right along the nerve involved so if it's compressed on the right side, it's the right side that hurts and you can follow the nerve right down your arm. But I know from my friend that MS pain can show up in random places not associated with a particular nerve because the problem may be starting in the brain. Once a plaque begins in the brain, it hits the areas controlled in the brain so it comes up anywhere in the body, not necessarily along the path of a nerve.

And when a spine issue gets bad, rather than hurting even more, you develop numbness instead. The pain actually goes down as the weakness goes up. What you paint is not a picture of a spine in trouble but a brain in trouble.

I know that sounds scary but my best friend will be 58 next month and is still walking...not bad after 40 years of MS. The new meds they have are amazing. She used to be in the hospital with use of only 1 limb, or at home in a wheelchair with outside care, trying to raise 2 little girls. Then along came they new meds and she was on her feet really fast, has raised one of the granddaughters and volunteers with the paramedics in her town. And she just got her college degree. MS is not what it used to be. It is controllable and you can live a long and good life with it.

Your MRI's of your spine are I wish I had them! Nothing there is really a problem. The docs really need to look at your brain as the source. If they won't, find a new doc, especially one that specializes in chronic brain disorders like MS. I've noticed that most neurologists now specialize in one area or another of the brain or spine so look for the one who actually likes to treat MS and related disorders.

good luck..........Jenny

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