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I was in labor 7 days ago, a few days later I had left sided neck pain at the basethat has gotten worse-to the point I can't move head side to side or roll over in bed my dr prescribed an NSAID which gives relief he thinks it's muscular but the pain is so intense I can't function. It is a throbbing pain at the base of my neck. I am in tears as soon as the medicine wears off. I worry its a clot, not muscular. It's gotten much much worse from when it started

Could muscular issues be this bad? I literally cannot move
[QUOTE=feelbad;4950150]while this easily could be some type of muscular or soft tissue problem, it can also be something a bit more in depth than that too. you have gotten some good advice from both web and jenny. just considering the more specific area of where you have the most "profound' symptom the very BEST thing you could do at this point, only to get only to better define the 'where' this pain is even being generated from, would be a contrasted MRI done on BOTH the brain and the c spine. it is just such a MAJOR and a demanding job delivering a baby of any size, and the one thing we have to also do is 'push' and strain ALOT. and this, in some people just can, and only saying "can' generate some types of more inner brain vascular type of issues too(it would not be all that unusual, put it that way). with every strong contraction and 'push", we are forcing ourselves to bear downward, but the impact upon ALL vascular(arteries and viens among others, like cappillaries) is much higher than the norm is while just even 'doing that" and over and over again at all. this is one huge reason that they are kind or really doing alot more 'trending' types of ongoing BPs in women who are in active labor too, since that very same pressure is also hitting the inner walls of all the vessels, including esp all of the major arteries of which there are many, that we just also have within our brains as well. severe pain just in and of itself can genrate huge raises in the overall BPs too. so that kind of 'adds' to this as well.

this, if a vascular problem, could be located from anywhere inside that more upper c spine structure(they run on both sides of the outter vertebral bones thru tiny holes IN the bones) in the areas of the vertebral arteries that "come into' from the shoulder/neck areas and then right into both sides into the c spine right about the at c 6(give or take a level). then they run up thru kind of the base of skull and then join with what is a very major artery called the basiliar. then the vertebrals become one with that basilar and cease to exist.

from THAT point on, the vascular just starts branching off to other arteries working there way on up to what is called the 'circle of willis' that really IS in the shape of a circle to allow continued bloodflow to STILL circulate if one area of that 'circles' becomes blocked or impaired from 'something". our brains really ARE set up in a very amazing way and have like 'default' mechanisms kind of built in to it too which is very good for us.

the area where you are simply having the most pain/problems really kind of 'is' where that junction between where the L and R vertebrals come together to join up to that basililar artery. this just DOES require a really good in depth look into those major vessels just to see if there even could be a bulge in one of the arterial walls that depending upon just how large these are, and where they are sitting simply CAN generate the 'type" of headpain and neck stiffnes too, or that stiffness also could be something that simply did occur becasue of the huge muscular/physical demands placed upon every womans body during childbirth. we DO tho, have three sperate inner walls in every artery for kind of 'protection from damage or inner pressure too that no other vessels even have like veins, becasue they only carry low blood flow pressure, unlike the higher pressure arteris.

depending upon just how long you had to push before that beautiful baby finally appeared also could add to the impact upon what was placed upon the vessels too. and that pushing IS a biggie. i pushed for like almost eight full hours with my first(they allowed me to go way too long with this) but i ended up with, just from that extra pressure placed upon the vessels above with every push, two broken blood vesels in one eye, and a ton of what are called petechiae(sp?) which are very very tiny ends of the blood vessels in the capplliaries just also breaking that created some really crazy red dots all over part of my face, but VERY heavily across my entire chest area and into my shoulders. those went away pretty quickly, but it took quite a while to finally lose the eye blood vessel damage.

all i am trying to really say here hon is to check out the most 'likely' potential causes for what you are feeling, and what you just went thru that DOES place a post partum woman in a much higher risk catagory for certain things to occur after you have delivered. and that most definitely includes the major brain arteries and the vertebrals that lead up there FROM the c spine too. it simply NEEDS to be fully scanned using a contrast dye, esp when trying to even see the vascular system within our brains, and to rule something in or out. this way you would at least 'know' whats up inside the brain and also your c spine too.

while blood clots can happen to just about anyone, the more possibly 'silent' types of other vascular malformations like anuerysm(or some really CAN show themselves in a really big way. the one i had in my brain was non symptomatic, and no actual pain involved either) are just much more likely given the insane pressure forced up in that direction from the higher BPs generated by simply having to even endure THAT much pain, and the forcing and holding pattern the blood flow simply does when you ARE even pushing at all. it just adds a much higher pressure up that way in many different areas. but the brain IS your main priority right now. if you just even DID have ANY type of actual clot or infarct up there,THAT too would show well upon the contrasted MRI and also shows well upon CT too. but YOU need to have a much much more in depth type scan than a mere CT.

that labor and delivery could also have been a so called 'trigger' for bringing out what potential issues just already could have been there but NOT then symptomatic, but now is kinda thing too?

i would keep on that OB til he or she finally decides to just have the brain and the c spine levels well scanned. they already KNOW just what underlying pot partum 'possibles' can occur in women and should simply WANT to at the very least here, rule out ANYTHING that just could potentially BE within that arterial system within your brain esp. if something just is there, it is something that NEEDS identifying NOW vs later too. this is what i would do if i were in your shoes right now K26. just rule out or rule in any more risky types of potential problems with one scan done with contrast. this IS one of those better safe than sorry types of situations and your OB owes this to you esp now that you are a brand new mom. hopefully since this has been ongoing, he or she will simply 'do' the appropriate scans for you. i hope this can get done and on both areas. good luck with this and the new bay. i am sure there has not been alot of sleep going on there. marcia[/QUOTE]

WOW! K2626 has a sore neck. It could be a muscle, cervical joint or quite likely her first rib due to raising her head pulling on the muscle insertions because of using the valsalva meneuver. Just how many women have arterial bleeds from childbirth I do not know, I have never heard of even one. As for contast MRIs at thousands of dollars a Pop, neither wonder American health care cost 4 or 5 times what it should and for quality is 36th in world, and worse than the Balkans and probably Matabeliland.

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