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Hi group,

I am a Fireman and I used to work out regularly until I started having neuro issues: Please help

I have been experincing many neurological problems such as

-numbness all over body, (feet and hands most prevalent)
-unbalance problems
-muscle spasms, twitches
-Vertigo and dizziness induced by exercise
-and many other symptoms

I have been to UCLA, UCI and Mayo Clinic Arizona with only a diagnoses of mild peripheral neuropathy. I can't seem to get a doc to interpet my MRI of my neck.

C3-4 There is generalized annular disc bulging and posterior osteophyte formation asymmetrical to the right. This results in effacement of the ventral aspect of the subarachnoid space on the right. There is uncovertebral spurring present on the right resulting in mild to moderate narrowing demonstrated of the nerual foramen on the right.

I am hoping someone can shed light into if the aformentioned issues can be a result of my cervical spine issues.

Thanks a bunch in advance.


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