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Kenzi....some more answers......

That tingling and asleep sensation is not a good sign and there is very little you can take to make it go away. And you really don't want to treat it as it could go to totally numb and then you have a real problem. You need to be able to feel any changes with it. When you feel as if the muscle is pulling, it's a muscle spasms being set off by the nerve that is compressed.

I wish I could tell you that they can take off a bone spur and make it all better but if I remember what the MRI said, you have a bone spur complex on top of a bulging disk(Is my brain working's been on the fritz lately). The problem with bone spurs is that they grow back and often worse than before. so they need to remove the disk that the spurs are growing on to stop further formation. Ask anyone who's had knee surgery to remove bone spurs how fast they grew back and how much and giant. Even my neck is filled with them again and I know he'll have to go in and remove them again some day in the not too distant future.

As to why you hurt on the opposite side form the problem, it's probably from the cord compression. The cord can cause problems anywhere from the level of compression on down. Or they may get in there and find something hitting the left side nerves too that did not show up in the MRI. Apparently my MRI didn't show half the problems they found when they got into my back.

What I had as cord compression problems were:
-numbness in my toes and bottoms of my blamed on my diabetes
-stiff thigh muscles that made it hard to walk...blamed on RA
-could only take baby steps some days....blamed on RA and or OA
-had to pee all the time or found that once I sat down on the toilet, couldn't go...blamed on big babies by OB/GYN
-same with bowel movements, either had to go really fast or I had to go but nothing would open up to allow the stool to get out...blamed on a variety of age related problems
-Differences in sensation in both legs...blamed on bad back
-staggered like a drunk when I walked some days due to the nerves losing the ability to help me balance....blamed on the numb feet from diabetes.

All of the above went away after my first neck surgery. Fact is, most doc's think "when you hear hooves, think horses, not zebras" and I not only had zebras but they were being ridden by penguins. Everyone was truly shocked when they found out how bad my neck was.

You feel best standing or lying down as that allows the spinal cord to be at it's shortest. Sitting stretches the cord and looking up toward the sky stretches it the worst...don't look up...bad, bad, bad. Since your cord is caught, it hates being pulled on and anything that pulls on it can make new symptoms. You find your feet going numb, get up and go lie down.

A compressed spinal cord can cause all sorts of weird problems as it's like a bundle of wires all bunched together and you just don't know, when it's pinched, where the most pressure will show up and in what wire. the doc will test a lot of your reflexes...they will really help to tell the story.


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