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Hi HB Friends!

I wanted to update everyone with the latest development(s).

After getting the latest MRI I decided not to go back to the original NS ~ he just wasnt responsive when I told him something was wrong and the pain was very I made an appt at a great facility here in WV. My new NS has a Fellowship in spine surgery from Cleveland Clinic. Met with him yesterday and he was actually "with" me for 1 hour and 45 minutes! I couldnt believe my appt lasted that long ~ but it did and he didnt rush AT ALL! Very refreshing! He had me gat a CT scan prior to the appt.

Now for the bad news. When I went to the original NS I told him I have osteoporosis/osteopenia (depending on the test & where) and asked if he needed the dexa results ...he said he didnt. As it turns out the cadavar bone that was put in the disk space is severely compressing my spinal cord and needs to be removed asap....and the vertabrae werent in very good condition to begin with apparently..and the screws have damaged them to the point that the new dr feels strongly that there isnt enough bone mass to "screw" into and it have any chance of holding. Also he feels the cadavar bone was a bad choice because it is harder than "live" bone that would be harvested from my hip..and the titanium plat is too hard as well.

The new NS is suggesting going back in the front removing all harward and cadavar bone...then removing the front portion of the damage disks above and below the fusion site...taking a piece of my hip bone and putting that in place then putting a "cage" around the front...then turning me over, and because the vertabrae will be missing their front portions, and continuing the cage on the back of those 3 vertabrae as well for added support. Apparently its quite a lengthy surgery...lots of pain :-( lots of rehab and he said the pain I'm in right now is not the #1's getting the hardware & cadavar bone out so there is not more damage done to the spinal cord. He said the damage to the cord is irreperable and I'll be treated for chronic pain, likely, for the rest of my life...ugh...

He also is encouraging me to get a 2nd opinion at the Cleveland Clinic..which I'm going to do after I have my Flouro Myelogram next week. He said he wants me to hear what another dr says because he feels I was really mis-guided initially. He also said if I felt more comfortable at Cleveland to have the surgery performed there...he feels like I was misguided by my original doctor..

So, there it is..and I am TERRIFIED! If you all could weigh-in...I don't know what to expect yet. He said we'd discuss it more after the Myelogram. He said there were several "scarey" things on the CT & MRI...that word really freaked me out but he said they really were scarey and needed attention ASAP. Does anyone know what this procedure might be called? He said the name but I was so stunned I think I just failed to committ it to memory...

Help 8~[
Thanks so much everyone!

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