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Hi Beachlovr and welcome to our little corner of the board.

You really need to see a neurologist. Where you have numbness involves several facial nerves...not just one nerve as in Bell's Palsy or even trigeminal neuraglia. I doubt your neck would be involved with this many problems. Most of the areas you've described are controlled by the cranial nerves of which there are 12. They come from the brain and out under the brain to the face and neck.

For example, the numbness in your throat can be nerve #10 or 11. The tongue is controlled by several of the nerves. But the scalp is controlled by the nerve that exits between C2 and 3 in the neck...or at least part of the feeling comes from there.

You need a doc who knows all of those cranial nerves that can figure out which ones are involved and try to tell you what is going on. It could be anything from a virus to who knows what....and I know it's who knows what that scares you. I had the left side of my face become hot as a fireplace poker...sent my BP into stroke territory. And no one knew why but it slowly went away. I literally wore ice packs on my face for days on top of strong pain meds. The left side is still ever so slightly number than the right. And no ones what or why. So it may just resolve itself over time.

But I'd see that neurologist and try to start finding answers in case it doesn't.


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