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hi everyone.
dont really no where to start, its all a bit involved........ ok firstly i need 2 fusions plus other work at fusion sites

cervical compression mod to severe due to osteophytes, posterior and anterior, due to advanced degeneration early aquried, im not old enough for such deg...,,eneration...............levels of compression c4-c6.....both levels seem about the same amount of compression......loss of disc space all cervical levels and bone on bone all
facets, even degeneration at c2-3

trace of csf posterior and anterior at c4-c6
also small bulge c3 disc mri one year old

this is from a year old mri

symptoms obviously loss of up/down/side to side mobility years ago.......dropping things from hands for several years.....difficulty holding arms up to wash hair etc....fine moter not good in hands , doin up buttons etc for a few years.......3 years ago started with bowel incontinance........around that time started with staggering /falling sideways and backways, getting worse, several times a day......some numbness in hands and feet intermittant.......and now about 3 months approx ago started with the spasticity in hands and feet , then had a couple of full body, my walking is not normal or my hand swinging

must say i was normal in all my body movements before this and had a beautifull walk , now im very embarressed and worried and feeling the disabled stigma.......

now to complicate things , i have got PMR and on high dose steroids which only controll symptoms , there is no cure , if you do google it does not cover what its really like to have PMR it is far more than aches n pains it involves your muscles n joints n makes movement near impossible if you get it severe which i did , the steroids greatly reduce symptoms

i also have COPD and hiatus hernia with severe GERD and hypertension, also being investigated for bone cancer as i have several markers pointing towards this.....also severe major clinical depressiom and PTSD and anxiety

so not an ideal patient for surgery ... am high risk ,,,n my gp said i would need to get my medical issues under control before any surgery

thoughts please .... jenny if your reading i read with interest about your aneastheasa last op in a post to ving , can you expand on that for me and explain itplease

im a bit all over the place here as i said its complex

now another thing i dont get is why my surgeon would recommend a one level fusion at c4-5.... when c4-c6 are both being compressed /flattened mod to severe with symptoms
how would you no which level was causing which of the symptoms im having ,,,you wouldn t would you???????

now lumbar has needed a fusion for manty many years and since this massaure manipulated me, a little while ago , i noticed a couple hrs later i had pins n needles in all 4 limbs and burning i ann four limbs , also i couldnt stand for very long without severe pin n had to bend foreward , didnt releive it fully ,.....had to lay down ....only releif....and also could not climb little small rise /slope or get up the kerb.........

.i have been unable to walk more than a few hundred metres and very slowly till i physically cant stride anymore , and i cant squat down and get up ......which i had no trouble doing before she manipulated me

.......she worked on my hips and pelvis , thoracic and said my hips where out of alignment (they wernt) and would put it back .i NEVER had any probs with my hips, when i clearly told her i wasnt allowed to be coz i could become paralyzed.i

(but before i knew it she had me on th table ) which i was 22 years ago coz of a massive disc shattering into pieces and pressing into my caudia equinq and spinal nerves...... and took 2-3 years to get to walk drive get about again ..........silly me refused surgery as i was too scared
question can someone please jenny web others explore what could be causing my inability to walk n squat since she manipulated me ...... coz it has canged my life dramatically and i have been bed ridden since

i would like to get it fixed

now the lumbar fusion also needs doing as its been bone on bone for 22 years but i managed but now with this woman that manipulated me im bed ridden and in a lot of pain all lower back n spasms ..........thoughts n advice or more questions for me please

i really need your help trying to work all this out

also have moderate degeneration in all sacrum and some levels at thoracic but they old scans too ......... trying to get updated scan

had a trapped c2 i think nerve root....was in excruciating 24/7 nerve pain for 9 weeks (at the time i thought i was going to be like that forever from what i read) cud only get up for toilet and food........
had steroid shot in head , didnt do anything cept the local numbed lower head for a few hrs...... but my pain went from base of head uo to over top of head then down to eyes in behind them and temple...... was like worst migraine for 8 weeks continuance plus being hit by a taser repeatedly and hit on back of head with baseball bat all at the same time......

im so scared it might come back ........that was around mid 2011....the surgery for tht is really not done as is pretty major im told and involves cutting into the dura and severing the nerve off the cord......

anyway i digress

my neurosurgeon is talking doing a acdf.... which really surprised me as i thought it would be a posterior entry.......thoughts please

would love some input to all thses issues please really would help me , anything , oh and i have my surgeon app in 2 days and i have a 2nd opinion lined up

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