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Hello, I had an on the job injury that compressed the discs in my neck and pressed down on the nerves. After injections of three which caused severe pain in my chest my Dr did the surgery on my c5 c6 c7. I had the surgery in Sept 2011. By January of 2012. I had numbess burning stinging weakness in my right arm and neck before Surgery. Now, after the surgery, the problems moved into my left arm and hand. My right arm and hand stll have the same symptoms but not as pronounced as the left. My hands are very weak and I have lost my flexer in my right hand. I have severe chest pain on my left side and in my neck. I have asked my Surgeon to send me to a Neourlogist but He acts like I am faking and says I sould not be having that much pain. He finally consented to letting me see a Pain Management Dr.but, I still feel I need to see a nerve Dr. I have researched CRPS and I feel like this is what is going on with my body. How can I convice the Dr. that I am having terrible problems? All He seems to be concerned about is sending me back to work. Do, I need to seek help on my own. I can't go on with this discomfort much longer!!!
Hi Sarahjande,

I too had an injury at work & just a few months after the surgery, similar to you, I began worsening & felt I was in more pain than before. I was injured 2 yrs before I was offered a surgery so all sorts of pains began to occur & the longer it goes on the worse it seems to get. My nerves were compressed for 2 yrs and I think they may be permanently damaged.

I understand about the Dr.’s not believing you b/c I've felt the same & sometimes I still do. A WComp injury is not easy to deal with & it feels like there is no way out of certain things. I also know what you mean about them saying “refusing treatment” & it is true – they can & will say that to you. I started to learn more about workers comp b/c I got so fed up & needed to know how it all works. They will scam you any way they can, extend everything out, take forever or try all they can to push you out or drag you on and on. You should definitely ask your WComp attorney about it all especially if they are already beginning to refuse care and not send you to a Neurologist. Next they will try to tell you that you are Dr. shopping.

After my fusion I went through hell & back to figure out what is going on & will not give up. So don’t lose hope & don’t give up. Be persistent with them. My surgery & injury caused my nerves to have all sorts of issues: entrapments, neurological disorders, and CRPS as well. My fusion was in my lumbar spine but the pain has escalated up my spine causing new & recent findings of 2 bulges/protrusions in my thoracic spine, 5-6 protrusions in my cervical spine (one disk is herniated on right & left & sitting right near the nerve rootlet which causes mass pain, numbness & weakness in my arms & hands & hurts horribly) and a slight brain herniation (my cerebral tonsils are extending into my brain stem and are too long). My PM believes I have a type of Chiari Malformation stemming from the injury, surgery, & trauma & says my symptoms are extremely related to one of the Chiari types. He is now sending me to a Neurosurgeon and OT (Occupational Therapist) to help with hand/arm coordination, numbness and weakness. And, he recently gave me cervical injections to help my pains, weakness, and numbing. I am praying that I won't need a cervical surgery but you never know.

So, I can surely relate to & understand what you are going through. It sounds like you need to see a Neurologist - Especially if you are having numbing and weakness in your arm with chest pains. Do you know if your surgeon is letting you go & releasing you from his/her care and sending you to the PM? Or will you still see this surgeon? If they let you go, and release you from care, then the PM will be your primary pain care Dr for the time being & can refer you to see an OT or Neurologist/Neurosurgeon.

As far as the 2nd opinion thing, you are entitled to a second opinion from and through WComp. And, you can also go out and get one on your own but then you risk paying for it all out of pocket and it can get very expensive. WComp will try to say no but it is true that each state is different so you should contact the Industrial Commission (go to their website) for your state and read the rules & rights for WComp for your state. It will say something about 2nd opinions & what you are and aren't entitled to.

I wish you the best of luck & hope this helps you in some way. Keep strong and keep smiling. I know it's easier said then done but we are all trying to get through our pains and a little optimism always helps :-)

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