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Hello All,

I'm new to this website, but have read alot of the messages u have all posted and i am in the same boat. I have severe spinal stenosis in c3-4 moderate in c5-6, and moderate in c6-7, i saw a NS yesterday who looked at my mri, and told me and my husband all this information. Now i have been a registered nurse for 11years on a med/surg floor, but all of this is very difficult to understand even w/ medical knowledge. I had an injury when i was 16 doing a full twist that unfortunately one time of doing it landed on my head, hearing my whole neck crack, and my chin going into my chest, bruising my sternum. Nothing was broken but pulled all my tendons in my neck. So since this injury i have always had neck pain. I have had numbness here and there, had mri's 5yrs ago saw NS but reported if i didn't have pain then u want to just see if i could deal with it, and said looking at the mri' it didn't look as bad as the pcp thought and called me right away saying i needed to see a NS right away. So for the five years i dealt w/ it and the numbness weirdly went away but this year has come back all the time w/ neck movement and thats' when i had the mri, and they told me i had all this severity and moderate spinal cord compression from bone spurs and herniated discs. So this NS said i would have to have an anterior fusion from c3-c7. I'm so scared!!!!!! i have looked on the internet and read horror stories, i'm scared of not having good results, and ruining my life w/ my son and husband and step kids. i want to be able to continue being a nurse, i've worked in a hospital since i was 15, this dr. i was recommended by a physiotherapist to go see, and then i discussed what this dr. said and said i should just get a second opinion, and recommended one in boston so they had me fax over my mri report and will let me know in a few days when to schedule an appointment. what if this dr. says something totally different how do i know wh/ way to go. I know worry doesn't help, and sometimes i'm ok, but others i worry, their is so much to do, for being out of work. I just went back to work after having to have surgery for a benign tumor removal of my foot. UGH i also increased my hours worked for a couple of wks and this happens, nothing to provoke that i was aware of just woke up in the am, w/ severe rt shoulder, neck, and rt arm, forearm pain and numbness in both hands, i also get spasms of my lt elbow and in my rt rib area, and some tingling in my legs at times. So i know that something is definitely wrong. I just don't know what the right surgery is for me and scary that u trust all this to dr. that do a 4hr non stop surgery holy crap. I may be a nurse but i honestly hate dr's. or dislike i should say less harsh. i don't mind working w/ them, but when i see them i get sooo scared, and nervous, and i'm very sensitive and not all dr's have a nice warm and fuzzy personality. I think i am very compassionate w/ my patients, not all dr's are like this. You don't know if they are good or not, u can't interview them, i go to websites to read about them for peoples comments, but still difficult cause their is always someone who says they were 4 stars and someone who says they were 1 :( so that's my story so i don't know gotta just go w/ the flow, and see. i have a very supportive family w/ helps and fb games that keep my mind off of stuff, but i thought maybe talking to others who have been through it might be helpful as well. If u read this thanks for listening, i know it's alot LOLOL :(:confused:

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