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I wish I could say I was getting better. My spine issues started in 1988. Here it is 24 years later and I am still dealing with issues.

I saw my neurosurgeon yesterday. I have myelomalacia of the cervical spine which means weakening. You can actually see on the MRI films a C5/6 levels that there is a narrowing on the spinal canal. Thus I have radiating pain mostly into the left shoulder, weakness in my arms, a crushing feeling at times of the spine. I also have lumbar issues. I have numbness in my left leg and now its going into the right leg. Some of it may be spinal in nature and some may be due to my diabetes. Thus I have difficulty walking long periods of times or sitting for a long time. Again my arms feel weak at times and the surgeon has noticed diminished capacity neurologically since I have been seeing him for the past 7 years or so. So things are progressively getting worse.

I do lose my balance at times, havent fallen yet.

Told surgery on me would be an issue so living on narcotics to get thru the day. some days are better then the others. Never know day to day as to how I am going to feel.

Taking each day as it comes at this point in time.

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