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That should say 2nd DAY of PT...not

1st day:
wasn't too bad. she asked questions, checked range of motion, did an ultrasound & stretches on the left side of my neck and the back of my shoulder. sent me home with 5 exercises to do. was kind of sore the rest of the day.

2nd day:
I was laying on the table on my back. the therapist was up by my head. i couldn't see, but it felt like he was pressing his fingertips VERY HARD at the very top of my neck right at the base of my skull and possibly even pulling slightly on my head. it hurt. it still hurts 12 hours later. he also pressed on the back of my right shoulder in several spots and held the pressure, that hurt pretty bad too.

then we repeated the exercises from day one and I went home. he said there were other things we could do, but that my muscles are too tight and he didn't want to mess my neck up anymore than it already was. i hope this doesn't mean i am gonna have to go longer than 6 weeks.

does anyone know if what he did with his fingertips at the base of my skull has a name? I would like to look it up and read about what it's purpose is.
Hi again Kenzi -

I guess it's just me and you with this PT adventure. ;)

Sorry, I do not know the name of the "procedure" with his fingers at the base of your skull. But every type of therapist I've ever seen has done it to me. I believe it is essentially trigger point therapy trying to relax & release those tight muscles in the back of the neck. The pulling was manual traction. I'm really sorry it gave you so much pain - did you tell him this?

The pressure treatments on you shoulder are definately trigger points. And boy do they hurt!! ((hugs)) Soreness is expected. But, in time this treatment will get those trigger points to release and the muscles will start to relax. It's worth it if you can endure the pain.

You should talk to him about the neck pressure treatment at your NEXT session. It is likely the same scenario as your shoulder - painful little buggers. But he needs to consider your cervical issues carefully and explain why it's OK to do this treatment on you.

Sounds like he is trying to relieve your muscle spasms before attempting to strengthen anything. The longer you have had the muscle tightness, the longer it will take to work this stuff out. If you are not ANY better after 6 weeks, I'm not sure your doctor will recommend you continue something that isn't helping.

I get a lot of neuro-muscular work done on various parts of my body and I do get relief...except with my neck. Massage just pisses my neck off - causes more spasms and pain. My PM doctor said I can get all the muscle work done I want, but it won't help because of the underlying cervical problems. (Herniated discs, osteophytes, compressed nerve roots etc). :( The muscles contract in an attempt to stabilize the neck - protecting itself.

I know that isn't a positive thing to say to you - just starting your PT. But maybe the PT will help you in some way - somewhere. (ie; shoulder). I hope you'll give it a little more time, but I completely get it if you decide to bail. Been there.

You seem like a super person with a really positive attitude. :) You deserve to get some relief - perhaps some will come from this PT. If not, well at least you can say you tried.

Wishing you the best! Please keep me updated on your progress.

Hugs, Pam

P.S. One day soon I'll post my wreck-of-a-neck story. As you noticed I tend to get the "finger trots" and ramble on. I'm a chatter box - the neck story will be l-o-n-g. LOL

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