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May 31, 2012
I have been lurking on the boards for awhile now and finally decided to write.

I am a 35 year old female, who in 2003 was in a severe car accident where i was hit head on by two cars ... i believe this accident to be the orignating cause of my spinal issues. In 2007 i had pains shooting from my lower back down my left leg ... MRI showed a large bugling disc and i had surgery to correct that ... I felt immediate relief as soon as i woke up from surgery. I even got pregnant a month after ( not planned so soon after surgery, but that is life) and did not have any issues with my lower back throughout my pregnancy.

About a month ago, my neck became very stiff and immediately i had pain shooting sharply down my left arm ... the pain started off severe and still is, the pain killers take a lil bit of the edge off but not much. After two weeks of that , i caved and called my doctor. They order an MRI. I have the disc, but i am still waiting on the official report. My doctor called me the day after i had the MRI and told me there was "severe narrowing of the spinal chord" and around this time, i had lost feeling in my left hand .. all fingers are numb.

I got a call from the neurosurgeon that day stating that while they are usually booking appointments 5-7 weeks out, they want me in much sooner, so in a week i see the neurosurgeon .... in the meantime, they have me in PT, which i am usually a big believer in, but my first session just caused pain and i have second session tonight.

It is the numbness in the hand and wrist that scare me the most. The pain is bad, but i am scared of the thought of my getting fully sensation back down in my hand ... i have a beautifully active 4 year old girl , that is very hands on and i am a very hands on mom with her ....

i found this community through a web search and loved all the adivce and support you guys hand out and thought to myself "these people understand"

sooo after a long story, i just wanted to say hello :)

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