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first off i want to thank everyone for reading this. i have wreslted my whole life since second grade, i am now a senior in college, and during my jr year of college i noticed my neck was giving me unreal amounts of pain and weakness. long story short i got a mri. the mri showed bone spurs in my neck, arthritis, degenerative disk disease, and herniated at levels c5/c6 c6/c7. i tried therapy, epidurals, medicine, etc. nothing worked. so i went to the doctor again the other day and they said they are doing either a double fusion of those areas, or a fusion and a fake disk put in my neck. i was also told there will be metal plates and screws in my neck. this surgery is on june 20 2012. i am very stressed out and nervous for it. i honestly do not know what to expect, i looked and found some things out but im still uneasy about all of this. 21 years old getting neck surgery, this should be fun, ha! anyways thanks in advance everyone.
That's really remarkable (and not in a good way) that all this has happened to you so young. Things like bone spurs need time to develop. So does ddd (not really a disease, but more of a standard aspect of aging).

Have your doctors attempted an explanation? I would guess that trauma from wrestling might play a role, but perhaps there's something in your workouts that you've been doing for years that stresses your neck?

If there's any good news here, it's that a 21-year-old should recover much more quickly and completely than the usual surgery patient.
they have explained some - gave me some stuff to look over and what not. he also stated he did not want to do surgery on a 21 year old but all else has failed so he thinks its time for it to be done. also the reason behind he thinks is that i may have some of my moms bad neck genetics (3 neck surgerys for her in past 4 years) but the majority of it being wrestling and the fact of having someone beat on my head and neck area for 14 years of my life. im a little concerned about the recovery and how it all will go. 7 weeks after my surgery i am also scheduled to go back to school in the fall which is also a concern
I just had c 3/4 and c 5/6/7 (3 levels) 3 weeks ago. It really hasn't been that bad for me and I'm 48 y.o., overweight, and have used a wheelchair my whole life. To Webdozer's point, if I can do ok, a 21 y.o. in good shape should do great. This is basically what Peyton Manning had, and he will be chased by 350 pound linemen in a few months.

The hardest part for me has been throat issues since they moved everything out of the way to get to the spine, and since i have a "thick" neck there has been some swelling.

These message boards can be great and very informative, but too much of it can scare you. Many of the ones who post are those who have had difficulties. The majority of successes move on with their lives and don't post any more.

Keep us posted.

- Vin
Good luck with your upcoming surgery! I'm sure you'll do great and you have youth on your side. I've never had surgery on my neck and don't want it. I'm in the conservative treatment stage right now. Keep us posted on how you do. Good Luck!


Hi VIN! Glad you're doing well!
im in a different time zone so not sure tou will see this before your surgery......remember your young your body will heal quicker and easier..... so that a good benefit.....

take it easy and follow your drs orders .....

take the pain killers if you need too.....

i also think its a combo of your wrestling from a child and heredity factors from your mum

i injured my neck when i was 16 yrs old,,,,,,,,whiplash, car .....i was passenger

sending you good healing vibes and when you can let us no how your doing, ok

yeah i been resting ALOT... i walk around the house every now and then still got pain though, so i am taking meds. i just got off my morphine 2x a day so now i am on soma for the spasms every 8 hrs and hydrocodone every 4 hrs... i still take those regularaly. my spasms come and go, the worst are at night before i fall asleep. i did not have to wear a collar at all and my range of motion is improving day by day. i do however feel like a lump in my throat almost as like i can feel the plates in my neck but the soreness from the breathing tube is gone. i am blessed however tho with the family and friend support i have making it much easier to deal with

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