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I've been referred to a neurosurgeon reference my MRI results, however, the earliest appointment I can get is not for 4 more weeks. My treatment to date has been medrol dose pack (no effect) and physical therapy-which they are hesitant to do much at this point until I see the neurosurgeon? I am not currently on any pain medicine, I was hoping the medrol would help. I did leave my doctor a message today asking for something for the severe pain. If anyone can help with the results of the MRI below, I would greatly appreciate it.

MRI cervical spine without contrast

Findings: c2-3: there is slight spurring and bulging on the left which at most slightly lattens the thecal sac. I do not believe there is any significant mass effect.

c3-4: there is fairly marked disc disease with spurring and a bulge. these changes cause near complete effacement of CSF space with moderate central canal and let neural foramen narrowing. there is no spinal cord flattening or deformity.

c4-5: there is airly prominent disc disease with spurring and a bulge. these changes also cause complete effacement of CSF spaces without deformity of the spinal cord. there is at least moderate central canal and right greater than let neural foramen narrowing.

c5-6: there is near complete loss of disc height and signal. there is spurring and a bulge. these changes cause complete effacement of the CSF spaces with at least moderate central canal narrowing. There is no spinal cord lattening or deformity. there is, however, severe right greater than left neural foramen narrowing.

c6-7: there is moderate loss o disc height and disc signal. prominent bulge and spurring. overall, there is mild to moderate narrowing of the central canal and neural foramina.

c7-t1: Slight bulge and spurring without significant mass effect.

there is mild straightening normal cervical lordosis. there is mild levoconvex scoliosis centered at the cervicothoracic junction. no definite acute bony changes appreciated. limited evaluation of the posterior fossa and paraspinal regions are unremarkable.

1. prominent multilevel spondylosis as better described above which is the likely cause of mild straightening of the normal cervical lordosis and mild levoconvex scoliosis.

2. although there is at least moderate multilevel central narrowing as described, I am not convinced there is any definite spinal cord flattening or deformity.

3. there does, however, also appear to be airly marked multilevel neural foraminal narrowing which is felt to be fairly severe and eccentric to the right at c5-6 which is greatest level. however, there is fairly prominent and at least moderate narrowing of the neural oramina at several other levels as described as well.

Is this something that would most likely warrant surgery? I've been in so much pain the past couple of months, which is new for me, and just hoping this can be resolved soon.

Thank you in advance for any and all help!

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