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Hello everyone, I am 38 year old wife and mother of 2 who had my first cervical spine injury in 2007. I went through conservative treatment for a few month and never thought about it again (I didnt take it seriously) until jan 2011 when i was injured again doing similar activities. I have been in pain every since.

I have been browsing these boards for a while and i have cried, laughed, and prayed with you guys. I have come to realize that living in pain is lonely and support is needed; I may not have the worst case but I hope to be a support to someone. I would also like to gain an understanding of my own condition.

I have been diagnosed with cervical spondylosis and sacoiliitis. According to my neurosurgeon I have straightening of the normal cervical lordosis with mild kyphotic deformity centered at c5-c6. There are type 3 modic changes at the c5-c6 endplate. The axial images demonstate broad-based disk herniation with narrowing of the spinal canal with a moderate narrowing of the neural foramen bilaterally.

Latest MRI results are not very detailed in my opinion. I had an MRI in 2008 also.
current mri results:

c2-c3 partially degenerated with central bulge, c3-c4 bulging disc centrally producing a ventral defect in anterior thecal sac, c4-c5 smal extruded sequestered disc lying posterior to the superior aspect of c5 vertebra, c5-c6 broad based central disc protrusion slightly eccentric to the left with cord impingement, c6-c7 disc demonstrates a bulge
There is straightening of the cervical lordosis. There is degenerative change at c5-6 with narrowing of the disc space and sclerotic end plate changes.
I also have severe tendinosis of the supraspinatus tendon, and other shoulder problem.

The most painful problem is the sacroiliitis although the neck pain/spasm are no picnic. I have spasms down both arms, left thumb and forefinger numbness/tingling, right pinky to elm numbness/tingling. Some days it hurts to breath because of pain in my back(near shoulder blade) which the doctor says is a result of inflammation around the disc. I am considering ACDF. Any comments and opinions on the seriousness of my condition would be appreciated.
Could my neck problem be causing the sacro pain?
Thank you.

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