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ESI's in the neck can do 2 things...if they go well, you can get up to 3 over a period of time and it may hold you for a while. If it doesn't help or is too painful to even do, then it tells them you probably need surgery.

Most insurance companies demand they try an ESI before they will approve surgery. So get it over with. Will just 1 help...who knows?

But pain in and of itself is not a bad sign. Pain means the nerves are alive and kicking. If you start to have numbness, muscle weakness, tingling or pins and needles in the inside aspect of your arm and especially in the ring finger and pinky of the affected side, then you are in trouble. Report that to your NS. And take your pain meds to Europe with you(in their original script bottles perhaps with a note from your doc just to keep you in the fact, get extra just in case).

I am fused to T1 but developing problems once again at the C8 nerve despite fusion and now the T1 nerve is showing signs of involvement. Once fused, the trouble just follows you around.

Hope you get some relief.

Jenny(fused C3 to T1)

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