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No judgement here, I have been doing this neck thing long enough that I have no judgements for anyone.
Its funny back before I was diagnosed with neck issues people would laugh at me for holding my right arm up in air, but at the time all I knew is that it provided relief for my shoulder. I also spent from feb. to march 15 this year with my left ear laying on my left shoulder. If I raised it I got severe nerve pain down the right side of my neck into my shoulder down my arm inner side, and into my fingers. The pain was so bad that when I went to urgent care they gave dilaudid and phenegran so they could get 20 minutes of my head up for the MRI, then all the dr really had to say was see your neurosurgeon.

To be honest, I went to the hosp and I wanted anesthesia,lol. Part of me really did, of course, I knew that wasn't going to happen. But I felt like that would be the only thing to provide relief. Just put me to sleep until this spell passes.
like many us, I have ok days then days when everything (every nerve root) is crazy.
I guess at this point many would say it is my own fault for not having surgery! But I'm just trying to get thru the summer.

Most of my symptoms haved always been right sided, only since feb march has the left side started and the chest thing. When that happens I also tend to hold my head to opposite side, I think it opens up the vertebrae and allows the discs to get off the nerve root. I could be crazy though. It works.
My neuro did warn me that holding my head to one side for too long can cause shortening of the muscles, I knew that, but what do you do.

I have a bone spurs and herniations from c2-3 to 6-7, 5-6 was fixed in 2010, 4-5 is massively effecting my cord, before surgery the cord was "abutted" upon, 5-6 was massively effected which is why surgeon fixed that one.

To be honest the c2-3 gives me a lot of symptoms and the 6-7 the 4-5 was but it seems to of gotten better as far as pain on right side. Of course, my entire shoulder is totally numb, this probably sounds bad-- but about time. It has been years that it has hurt.
I know that this was a lot to say, sorry.
It is just one of those days, I have that pressure at the base of my skull, my brain feels "swollen", and it hurts, I have that burning pain in my left arm, and my dang legs aren't working right.
Im sure you know how it is, one of those days.
I am sorry that you go thru this, I really am. I do not wish this on any of us.
Anyway you have come to the right place there are some very knowledgeable people on here and very kind with their encouragement and support.

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