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hi, new here

3 months ago fell down embankment, off to emergency room then acdf c5-c6 doner bone with plate 3 days later. residual numbness and weakness but no pain (never was any pain- lucky).

this was thru workers comp with great doctor BUT...had 6 week follow up xray that showed almost no fusion- 1 small spot. then 3 month follow up xray with no difference at all. no "flexation" xrays. Dr. again pointed out the 1 small fused portion about 1/8 inch long with rest of doner bone clearly not fused or fusing.

i know this is not a workers comp forum and only bring up that he listed me at "maximum medical improvement" to indicate that my neurosurgeon was now going to be out of the picture and through with me. he said no more follow up xrays and that, not having pain, i would be "allright" . i should mention the residual numbness and leg weakness i have is much better than preop and due to compressed cord per Dr..

my graft is clearly 90% not fused. my questions to you who are more familiar than i am are 1) should there "normally" be future xrays planned? 2) should there normally now be an attempt to electrically stimulate fusion? before i ask my Dr. these same questions i want to do some research and have already with indications that i have been left hanging (by the neck).

thanks in advance

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