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[QUOTE=Ilovemycutedog;5048082]That's great that you are doing so well!..

The only part that I am shocked about is letting you be in a car so soon after surgery. Besides the drive home. I was told absolutely no driving for two weeks. This was because even the slightest accident could cause damage and/or injury.

[COLOR="Blue"][I]I don't currently have a drivers license. I have not driven a vehicle in over 3 years (And I like it!!!) So I did not even think to add driving restrictions, he knows I don't drive, so he did not specify driving. As for being a passenger, or really setting foot outside my front door, he told me to wear my hard collar. Soft collar inside, can have it off every once in a while (What ever my neck is capable of without pain).[/I][/COLOR]

And obviously no driving with pain medications as those who have never taken them until having surgery....are not used to the possible side effects.

[COLOR="Blue"][I]I'm actually taking the minimum I can for pain meds. I am taking a half of a 5/325 percocet every 6 hours or so. I'm prescribed up to 8 tabs a day total, but really only take 2 at the most. I have been on and off pain killers most of my life, so I have a HUGE tolerance to them. Getting high off them (Intentional or not) is pretty much impossible. The only real effect they have for me is to take the sharp edge off and give me more of a dull pain. I also have a pretty high pain tolerance, so lots of pain meds are not always called for until I get the pain level in the 7 or higher range.[/I][/COLOR]

I am also very surprised that you don't have any restrictions with lifting items right now. Again, this was limited to 5 pounds or less the first two weeks.

[COLOR="blue"][I]My weight limit is about one gallon. Or roughly 8 pounds or so. He said do it as long as it doesn't hurt (He says that a LOT), and I have discovered that around 8 lbs is my weight lifting limit.[/I][/COLOR]

As well as no showering for 3 days following the surgery to not get the incision site wet/damp. After the 3rd was ok but making sure you remove the dressing before showering.

[COLOR="blue"][I]Yup, no shower for 3 days, then it's ok for showers only, as long as I keep the surgical tape dried off. He told me "Don't pick at it, let it all come off by itself." So far it's peeled at the corners, but it's still stuck tight to the rest of the wound. I wouldn't pick at it anyway!!! I want to have a nice, clean, small, thin, scar.[/I][/COLOR]

All of these are very standard for ACDF surgeries to protect the patient as well as give the best chance at healing.

And yes, with the cervical surgeries...getting back to walking is always Dr. said that 10 small walks per day were good instead of a few long ones....

[COLOR="blue"][I] I tend to putter in the back yard by sitting down, and what ever I can comfortably reach gets the gardening done. I have no illusions about getting any real work done, that is strictly for my partner and the occasional friend. But it's an excuse to get outside and enjoy the sun and warm while we still have it. Get a little exercise, and just generally heal up.[/I][/COLOR]

Sounds like everything went picture perfect for you and that you were healthy to begin with which makes things much easier when recovering. Someone who doesn't smoke, is a healthy weight, and exercises regularly will recover much easier/faster than others.

[COLOR="blue"][I]Everything sounded like it went without any problems. I can't remember anything about a problem being mentioned, other than getting out of those stupid blowup, leg exerciser, stocking things, to keep blood clots from forming. My general health can best be described as tentative at best. I have major health issues unfortunately. The list is long, but it does include me taking 17 prescriptions, and 3 recommended supplements. The logistics of pill management are quite a lot of entertainment. Sorry sarcasm just comes through no matter what after 34 years (I just turned 39 in July) of pills, pokes, hospital stays, etc... My recovery has been pretty good, my only real complaint is being tired a lot, and finding a comfortable place/position to sleep/nap in.[/I][/COLOR]

In regards to Neuro will not operate on anyone who hasn't quit first. Not only does smoking cause disc issues...but inhibits fusion so it becomes a waste of a surgery to do this.

Not saying this towards you at all....just giving a general example.

[COLOR="blue"][I]I actually gave up smoking (A pipe mostly (WRONG PIPE!!! A real tobacco pipe) about 2 1/2 years ago. Makes me even happier that I stopped smoking back then voluntarily, rather then forced to now!!![/I][/COLOR]

Thanks for the update and hope you continue to do very well! I've had 3 of these surgeries on two levels each time....the last one being both Anterior and Posterior as the other fusions failed:(

[COLOR="blue"][I]I'll keep the updates noted daily, and posted once or twice a week. Sorry to hear you had this done 3 times! I hope that you got some relief out of them!!! I no longer have the shooting pains, but I still have the numbness/tingle, my NS said that should be gone by the end of a years time (If the nerve was not too damaged).[/I][/COLOR]


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