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[B]Trauma[/B] - This all started with a snowboarding injury in Feb. 2007. My 360 :jester: turned into a 270 :angel: and I landed hard face first. NS postulated I hyperextended my neck and bad whiplash occurred. MRI/X-rays showed I suffered a compression fracture at C6 and over 5 years, this lead to DDD, reversal of normal lordosis, herniated disks, moderate stenosis, myelopathy, radiculopathy. Pain, pain, pain...all the time pain.

[B]Operation[/B] - I had spinal decompression and fusion on April 3, 2012. C4-C6 (anterior), C4-C7 (posterior) with laminectomy, discectomy (C4-C6), cadaver bone graft (cage) and titanium hardware (plates (2), rods (6), screws (12)). Pre-op pain was 7-8/10. Pre-op symptoms included numbness/tingling and weakness in both arms/hands (more on right side), loss of balance, severe neck and upper back pain and across the shoulders (radiculopathy). Post-op pain is 5/10 with very little numbness/tingling anywhere. Strength and balance normal. Still a good bit of pain though. All-in-all I consider this to be a Big success! But...

[B]Post Op[/B] - Two days ago (6/5/2012), I started having numbness and tingling down my right arm emanating from the funny bone and strange shooting sensation down right leg to the knee cap and then up to my ribs through my right flank. Pre-op EMG indicated no nerve damage.

Has anyone experienced similar occurrence after surgery? It gets worse afer walking for 20-minutes. What could cause this? A major heat wave started on same day symptoms began. Could it be weather related? Could the nerves be pinched from swelling? Is this going to subside? My PT said I could possibly have general disruption of nerves all the way up and down the spine or it might be something like a kidney stone. I can't imagine going through any more operations. Would more aggressive physical therapy help? Meds? Anyone...Bueller??

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