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Hi! I am new to this board. I have been reading a lot of the postings and have found them very helpful.
Back in April after an episode of vomiting from a stomach bug i had extreme pain In my neck. I went to my GP and she suggested Physical Therapy. My x-ray showed cervical straightening. The Orthopaedic Dr said it was due to muscle spasms. About one month later i went for a follow appt. (I also had PT during this time) I started having arm pain so i went for an MRI. The results were a large central disc extrusion herniation at C5/C6 with cord compression. As my symptoms were getting worse I decided to get a second opinion (from a Neurosurgeon this time) the NS reviewed my MRI and said my spinal cord was shaped like a boomerang! He gave me the analogy that I was walking above Niagra Falls on a tight rope! He informed me if i have a fall or get in accident i will most likely be paralyzed from the neck down!
The neurological testing he did showed hyperreflexia and a positive result for Hoffman's. The NS wanted me to see his partner immediately. So the very next day i did. This NS described my MRI pictures as "bright" and that the disc was quite impressive. I'm not sure what "bright" means. Does anyone? He also confirmed i needed surgery immediately. I am having ACDF this Wed. 7-11-12. Everything is happening so fast. i have had my pre-op done and am going for a CT Scan on Monday. M pain is now much worse. I have right shoulder and arm pain and diminishing hand dexterity. I am also having pain down both legs.3 The headaches are terrible and the shoulder blade pain just never goes away. I was wondering if anyone could give me their opinion or experience. I havent had much time to prepare or process this. I would love to hear of any suggestions on what to expect. Thanks so much. Sorry this is so long!
Dawn-I also had severe spinal cord compression and after the surgery my problems in my hands were better in recovery. I have 2 PEEK interbody cages packed with demineralized bone matrix and bone dust from my surgery and titanium plate and screws. Like I said, it's my 6 month anniversary and most of my problems are gone. I do have some weakness and pain in my upper arms if I stay in one position too long though.

The main thing is the pain in the neck-that awful stabbing feeling. That's going to go away right after the surgery.

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